Strawme for Farming Simulator 19

StrawMe: Adds the following straw types to the game as windrows and allows them to be baled in square or round bales. Allows The New Straw Types To Be Sold Or Used In Animal Husbandries: Corn Stalks Soybean Straw Canola Straw INFO: Using this mod together with mods such as Seasons, Straw Harvest, MaizePlus, etc will render those savegame unusable since too many fruits are registered please avoid this.

Download Strawme 

DAF XF 105 S.G. DE Vries Skin Pack [1.38.X]

DAF XF 105 S.G. DE Vries Skin Pack [1.38.X] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

S.G. De Vries Skin Pack Includes: Skin for DAF XF 105 (8K Resolution) Skin for Kraker Walkingfloor (8K Resolution) Skin for Knapen K100 (8K Resolution) Skin for Kelsa Lightbox by obelihnio Skin for Wheels Pack by Abasstreppas Required Mods: DAF XF 105 by vad&k Kraker Walkingfloor by Kast Knapen K100 by Kast Kelsa Lightbars by Obelihnio Wheels Pack by Abasstreppas Wheels Pack by 50k

Download DAF XF 105 S.G. DE Vries Skin Pack [1.38.X] 

Detbit BUS Terminal [1.38]

Detbit BUS Terminal [1.38] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

It changes all bus and bus stations to “Bus Company” for Euro Truck Simulator 2. It also provides a more realistic gameplay by allowing AI buses to enter and exit bus stations. You can get your job from the “Freight Market” menu by choosing the ghost trailer suitable for your vehicle. Compatible with the original SCS map. Using the appropriate add-on mode for official map DLCs, you can activate terminals on these maps. You can buy 10 different ghost trailers for different buses as a personal trailer. If the bus you use is suitable, you can also get a job from the “Free Work” menu.

Download Detbit BUS Terminal [1.38] 

Nissan Patrol GQ V1.0.4

Nissan Patrol GQ V1.0.4 for SnowRunner

Finally After 2 Months Of Hard Work Is Here Famous NISSAN PATROL GQ! It drives very well, has nice smooth suspension …. i added 1 more custom bumper with headlights. Bugs: interior view is not fully implemented ( now you see on bonnet), custom wheels not get wet and muddy Fix04: added 4 new wheel sets ( 2 sizes )

Download Nissan Patrol GQ V1.0.4 

4WD Map

4WD Map for SnowRunner

This is my first “mod” that I have uploaded to mod.io, so I hope you guys enjoy it. This should just be a -subscribe to installmap, but if there are any issues, I will try my best to fix them as soon as possible. **NOTE: this map so far only works on the public test server version. I am working to get it fixed on the normal version. Stay tuned.

Download 4WD Map 

Edit For Mack Anthem 4×2 & 8×4 Chassis By Right Lane Gaming

Edit For Mack Anthem 4×2 & 8×4 Chassis By Right Lane Gaming for American Truck Simulator

This Mod Makes Changes ONLY To The Parts From: – Mack Anthem 4×2 & 8×4 Chassis made by Right Lane Gaming Chassis 8×4 – Work with all cabins – Edited the fake shadow to fit the position of each axle – Edited the lift axle to become steerable – Edited the lift axle to make the wheels lift a bit higher * Edit is based on SCS wheel size. Addition: You should have the original mod(s), activated, and placed below this edit mod.

Download Edit For Mack Anthem 4×2 & 8×4 Chassis By Right Lane Gaming