Sumb MH600 V1.2

Sumb MH600 V1.2 for SnowRunner

French 1.5t army truck of 60s. Designed and produced by SIMCA-UNIC-MARMON-BOCQUET companies. The style is close to Unimog series and Gaz-66. Many of these little old trucks end thier lives on rusty parking, but now you can see them serve in a game. Base mod is the serial model and you can upgrade it to ‘turbodiesel’ version (on player level 10) with new gearbox, engine and snorkel. With 1-cargo place platform you can do small jobs, also you can attach trailer carts. Supply addons are the military shelter full of repair parts and regular tent carriage with some repair stuff and fuel. 3 custom tire types with a very default allterrain/offroad/chain…

Download Sumb MH600 V1.2 

Village Map V1.1

Village Map V1.1 for MudRunner

Two versions: Summer and Autumn On The Map: 2 Garages (closed) 1 Refueling 2 points of loading + felling 6 sawmills 10 points of exploration transport: 3 Cars at the start + 4 +4 random size 1cm x 1cm Card for default transport. In steam, the map should work in multiplayer mode, because uploaded to a previously created mod. (new mods have recently been known not to work in multiplayer) Happy Games To All! Version 1.1 For Spintires: MudRunner (v14.08.19): Simplified ford at the entrance to the city (the water level is slightly lowered, the tint is partially removed); Fixed a joint with water near the exit from the garage (the…

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