ACE 166 V1.1

ACE 166 V1.1 for MudRunner

Almost everything in SnowRunner has addons, except for trailers, stickers, scraps, because they are visible outside the cabin, but they are not in the cabin, there is one sticker for the test. Many Settings Are Mine, As I Can, That You Don’t Like It Yourself, Alter It To Your Taste! Sorry for the driver’s hands, I set it up as soon as possible, unfortunately they don’t fit a lot to the steering wheel. Two cars, the only difference is the skin. Sounds from the UAZ 469 from the game. Thanks to the authors whose materials were used, these are wheels, I don’t know the author, because I already have these wheels…

Download ACE 166 V1.1 

Rolland 22-32

Rolland 22-32 for Farming Simulator 19

Here it is, the Rolland 22-32, I mounted it on a modified RollSpeed chassis, Good game everyone Characteristics: – Price: 35000 € – Capacity: 23,000 L up to 35,000 l – Full UDIM textures – Functional mud flaps – 3 tire brands (Trelleborg, Michelin, BKT) – Choice of rim color (gray and white)

Download Rolland 22-32 

Airport Czbb Boundary BAY

Airport Czbb Boundary BAY for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

This scenery replaces some of the buildings with ones closer in size and shape with the reality. It also adds night lighting and the hangars on apron 2, as well as other static elements.There are no custom buildings in this scenery. I only used the default terminal and buildings currently available in the SDK. Installation Instructions: Please unzip and copy “Airport CZBB BoundaryBay-v1.0” folder in your MSFS Community folder. Enjoy!

Download Airport Czbb Boundary BAY 

Mzkt-741351 Volat Truck

Mzkt-741351 Volat Truck for MudRunner

The envelope and modification of the mod, has 7 of its own and 8 default add-ons, can carry 3, 6, 8 points of cargo. Changes From The Original: ✔ Repainted truck, wheels and tires, reduced body shine; ✔ Tires get dirty now; ✔ Increased eversion of wheels; ✔ Reconfigured the suspension; ✔ Increased weight and wheel grip; ✔ Increased weight of balancers; ✔ Increased tank volume; ✔ Increased steering speed; ✔ Increased engine power; ✔ Added brake response delay; ✔ Changed gearbox; ✔ Increased durability points; ✔ The level of flooding is increased; ✔ Reduced frame twisting; ✔ Reworked lighting; ✔ Added instrument lighting, high beam indication, brake light, reverse; ✔…

Download Mzkt-741351 Volat Truck 

Hops Equipment

Hops Equipment for Farming Simulator 19

Hops Equipment for Farming simulator 19 ✔ Hops ✔ Hopspallet ✔ Light on ✔ Light off ✔ Rodhopspallet ✔ Saplingpallet rodhops ✔ rodhops planter ✔ Trailer for rodhops ✔ Cutter for rodhops ✔ Rodhops Saplingpallet ✔ rodhops Cutter ✔ rodhops Planter ✔ rodhops trailer

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