BZH Daru Bumper V2.0

BZH Daru Bumper V2.0 for Farming Simulator 19

Here is what amused you loyal companions. From the BZH modding GROUP. Today we offer you the possibility of moving, safely on your map, to the orders of this exceptional vehicle, skinned in the colors of Belle Zezette Hi Modding.

Download BZH Daru Bumper V2.0 

Comil Campione 3.65 Beta Version [1.38]

Comil Campione 3.65 Beta Version [1.38] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Comil Campione 3.65 Model by Edson v12 Beta Version (Basic from Omsi2). released a mod which is in beta and there will likely be an update in the future. Feature On This Mod: 1.Full Animated (Interior,Window and luggage) 2.Full AO 4K texture 3.Work only patch 1.38++ 4.Support Fmod 5.Include 9 Skins + Template. Attention: to make the suspension more realistic press console ` and type “g_truck_stability 1”.

Download Comil Campione 3.65 Beta Version [1.38] 

Renault T Addons V2.2 [1.38]

Renault T Addons V2.2 [1.38] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

☑Added Low Chasis 4×2 ☑Added Low Chasis 6×2 ☑Added New İnterior Beige ☑Added Front Glass sticker ☑Added Front Logo 6 color option ☑Added Front Botomgrill ☑Added Front Bumper paint ☑Added Front Mudflap ☑Added Frontgrill lowcab ☑Added Rear bumper 3 variant ☑Added Rear Exhaust ☑Added Rear Chs Cover ☑Added Rear Mudflap ☑Added R Deflector 3 variant+slot ☑Added Rear Backlight ☑Adapted 2 skin (thanks Kriistof General Lee) ☑Adapted Route 66 skin Blade1974 ☑Added Front Bumper paint ☑Added Front bumber light ☑Added Front botomgrill ☑Added Frontgrill ☑Added Front fender paint ☑Added Rear fender paint ☑Added Miror paint ☑Added Roofgrill ☑Added New Rearmudflaps ☑Added new Sunvisor ☑Added new Stoneguard ☑Added new Sunshield ☑Added Windowtrim ☑Added…

Download Renault T Addons V2.2 [1.38]