Sisu M-Series By XBS V1.4 [1.38]

Sisu M-Series By XBS V1.4 [1.38] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Sisu M-series is a 2–4-axle forward control lorry model series made by the Finnish heavy vehicle producer Suomen Autoteollisuus (SAT) in 1969–1984. The series consists of 4×2-driven M-161, 6×2-driven M-162, 6×4-driven M-163 and 8×2-driven M-168. Typical applications were logging trucks, tankers and long-distance transportation haulers which pulled conventional and semi-trailers. The permissible payloads varied from ca. 9 tonnes up over 18 tonnes. Features Truck Sisu M-series: independent truck model High quality 3D model High quality detailed exterior High quality detailed interior the model has own interior the model has own sound passengers seats the character is correctly sitting in the driver’s seat the choice of engine power the choice of transmission…

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FWD Scout Pack V0.0.6

FWD Scout Pack V0.0.6 for SnowRunner

FWD scouts with more paint some custom winch points here and there and more wheels and such Breakdown of changes: —soft and hard and active suspension (tuning and more options to come) —lots of paint options (more to come) —powerless to Yeet engine options (tuning to come and more options) —slow to Yeet gearboxes (tuning to come) —few more wheels and soft ANK and BTR (more to come) —3 winch options (more to come) —winch points (planning for one on each bumper by the visual winch and one on the roof for tipping or untipping)

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ANK MK38 MAX V0.2 for SnowRunner

ready to offroad look in truck store for ank_mk38_MAX and put addons you want added stronger engine winch and gearbox Active suspension lots of fuel and repair points spare wheel lots of addons scout trailers added stronger big US crane 2 mini crane slots Saddle high and Low brighter led headlight and fog lights modded custom MX Heavy Double snow mud ice tire Made by Quasimiyao more to come soon and lots coming when console gets mods

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