JBK Combo Adelzhofener Mineralquellen [1.38]

JBK Combo Adelzhofener Mineralquellen [1.38] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

JBK Combo Adelholzener 2020 Credits: JBK TRANS TEAM, ModsStudio2, MDModding, Madster, SCS First Combo Pack with the new Chereau V1.0 from MDModding Have a good Ride. What You Need: Madster´s MAN TGX 2.5 + Fix for 1.38 MAN TGX from SCS, suitable for all Cabins MDModding Chereau V1.0(still WiP) Skins: JBK-TRANS-TEAM Tested In: 1.38.xxx Errors or Problems? contact (ed) jbk-trans [dot] eu

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Virtual Speditor Program V2.13 By Xyzan

Virtual Speditor Program V2.13 By Xyzan for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Virtual Speditor Program Job scheduler program for Ets2 and Ats (New Update 05.09.2020) New Version 2.13: Some little fixes. Map sets for 1.38 (ATS, ETS and PM 2.50) German language update It is compatibile with Ets2 1.38.x game version it works ONLY with freight market, and this won’t change at this moment, as it is impossible to create proper algorithm to enter data into save file. This program is a Virtual Speditor, that alows you to add job to job list in Ets2 and Ats. To work properly it needs a Java and Visual C++ Redistributable 2012 Libraries (detailed info in ReadMe file) Program changes existing jobs to one we choose…

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Arnook’s SCS Containers Skin Project V5.0

Arnook’s SCS Containers Skin Project V5.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Full compatibility with the SCS, Krone & VAK V-Slider chassis configurations (HCT, B-Link, singles, doubles, flatbeds, etc… everything that uses 20ft, 2x20fts and/or 40fts) Available in the freight Market & for owned trailers The skin-selection is made randomly by the game (same system as SCS’s original containers) All container variants in traffic Supports Both Default & Custom Dedicated Cargos: –> Default cargos: just use the same cargos as you usually do and the default skins will be replaced by mine –> Dedicated cargos:search for “Box Container” OR “Reefer Container” OR “ISO Tank Container”, depending on the type of container that you want 20ft corrugated sides: De Rijke, CAI, Triton, Hanjin, MOL,…

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Turtle420 V0.0.3

Turtle420 V0.0.3 for SnowRunner

this is what happens when you buy a tank online, we will have to make do… Breakdown of changes: —soft and hard and active suspension (tuning and more options to come) —lots of paint options (more to come, duplicates to fix) —powerless to Yeet engine options (tuning to come and more options) —slow to Yeet gearboxes (tuning to come) —few more wheels and soft ANK and BTR (more to come)

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Trestle For Editor

Trestle For Editor for MudRunner

Overpass model for the editor. It has long legs and can be used as a bridge. Installed as usual objects: in the root of the editor, the Media folder. I haven’t tested it in mudrunner-e, because conflicting editors. Everything should work as it should the files are not cached, the registration is made following the example of a concrete bridge in mudrunner. If you suddenly have any problems write. I will provide screenshots from the back …

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