Pier Models – Blender

Pier Models – Blender for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The sunken piers and boat-docks annoyed me enough to make a few models in Blender. Tried normal-poly, but the models got way too large in size to be used, so here’s a collection of low-poly models you can spread around in your scenery – no-one will notice the difference at more than 10ft anyway… Only…

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Bockowo Map

Bockowo Map for Farming Simulator 19

Welcome to Boćkowo. A very popular small map from farming simulator 2011. Now a completely refreshed version. Have a nice game. ✔ The map has a special flat area where you can easily build your farm ✔ Compatible with Seasons Mod, winter grass, trees and bushes textures ✔ Small fields, just right for small or…

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CAT 548 LL Butt N TOP

CAT 548 LL Butt N TOP for Farming Simulator 19

548 LL Forest Machine This log loading specialist keeps your trucks and millyard efficient. Purpose built for loading, the Cat® 548 LL optimizes engine, hydraulics, technology and controls delivering peak productivity. Enhanced hydraulics offer increased lift capacity and a wider undercarriage ensures stability for full-speed operation.

Download CAT 548 LL Butt N TOP 

Lizard D633

Lizard D633 for Farming Simulator 19

Lizard D50: ✔ Price: 10000 € ✔ Capacity: 4950 / 7960 / 9900 l Lizard D55: ✔ Price: 14000 € ✔ Capacity: 4950 / 7960 / 9900 / 15500 l Configuration: ✔ Capacity ✔ Color ✔ Cover ✔ Bale trailer

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