LED Rear Light (Prefab)

LED Rear Light (Prefab) for Farming Simulator 19

Small Led Rear Light 4 Function: Default static light Brake light Turn light Plate light Installation: Put the “lights” folder in the mods, put the XML path “lights / rear_light_led_left.xml” or “lights / rear_light_led_right.xml” in the mods XML file

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Featherlite Trailer

Featherlite Trailer for Farming Simulator 19

After One Month Of Gaining 750 Likes On K20 3D KUSTOMS We Are Finally Releasing The Featherlite Trailer As Promised! Thank You Statefarm33 For Ingaming The Model I Made! Features: Dynamic suspension Ramps Colour Selectable And More!

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Rogers TVT35 LOW Loader

Rogers TVT35 LOW Loader for Farming Simulator 19

Are You Looking For An Economical Way To Transport Anything From A Pallet To A Combine Then Look No Further, The Rogers TVT35 Is The Perfect Low Loader For You. This Trailer Is Not Only Dependable But It’s Goose Neck Design And Low Deck Make It Easy To Load While Giving You The Advantage Of Having A Better Ground Clearance Than A “double Drop” Lowboy. The Rogers TVT35 Is A Must Have In Any Farm Sim World, If You Can Fit It, You Can Ship It! Features: Price: $18,500 Deck Style: Platform Trailer Use: Rear Loading: Fixed Gooseneck Tons: 35 Length: 20 Feet Width: 8 Feet Deck Height: 35 Inches Axles:…

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Concrete Bunker SET U

Concrete Bunker SET U for Farming Simulator 19

This large silo pack consists of 16 silos in different designs. Drive-through silos and wedge silos in various sizes and straight walls are included. Driving silo Price: 70000 € Maintenance costs: € 10 Dimensions: 20x40m Double silo Price: 150,000 € Maintenance costs: € 13 Dimensions: 25x40m Wedge silo 1 Price: 65000 € Maintenance costs: € 12 Dimensions: 14x40m Wedge silo 1 with catwalk Price: 75000 € Maintenance costs: 14 € Dimensions: 14x40m Wedge silo 2 Price: 85000 € Maintenance costs: 16 € Dimensions: 18x40m Wedge silo 2 with catwalk Price: 95000 € Maintenance costs: 16 € Dimensions: 18x40m Double wedge silo 1 Price: 175000 € Maintenance costs: € 18 Dimensions: 27x40m…

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