Mountain Streams Map

Mountain Streams Map for MudRunner

On The Map: ✔ 1 garage (open); ✔ 2 gas stations; ✔ 2 auto loading (arcade); ✔ 2 points of loading; ✔ 9 points of reconnaissance; ✔ 6 sawmills; ✔ 4 starting slots; ✔ the size of the map is 960×960 meters; ✔ map converted from the game Spintires.

Download Mountain Streams Map 

Ibiza Island (Balearics) – Spain

Ibiza Island (Balearics) – Spain for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Ibiza Island, one of the most visited sites annually, for its beaches, parties, rest, freedom … a long etcetera Highlight Among Others: ✔ Dalt Vila (Castle, port, Vara de Rey .. Police station, Can Misses, Keeper, Pacha …) ✔ Playa d’en Bossa (Very famous hotels such as Ushuaia, Hard Rock .. or also Aguamar, a leisure area and night party, the Hi !!) ✔ Puigs d’en Valls (Mercadona, Dechatlon ..): Contains the generic buildings of the simulator. Fixed in next update It is in a very early stage, I will update as I get improvements. Possibility of integrating the most famous towns of the island in the future (Sant Antony, Santa…

Download Ibiza Island (Balearics) – Spain 

Towing Chain With Hook

Towing Chain With Hook for Farming Simulator 19

With this mod you can tow vehicles by towing chain. You can also mount towing hook to vehicles that have no attacher and then attach towing chain to this hook. ✔ attach the red end to your vehicle and then attach second end to towed vehicle ✔ you can attach towing chain to itself when no vehicle is in range (can be used for transport) ✔ you can take towing chain to the hands and attach it manualy ✔ multiple attaching of chains supported ✔ you can turn on towed vehicle’s throttle if necessary ✔ you can set steering mode of towed vehicle to auto or manual ✔ in F1 help…

Download Towing Chain With Hook 

Keolis BUS V2.0

Keolis BUS V2.0 for Farming Simulator 19

The Keolis Group is one of the world leaders in public passenger transport. Present in 16 countries, it operates and maintains, on behalf of 300 Transport Organizing Authorities, urban, peri-urban and interurban networks. It transports more than 3 billion travelers each year. He is present today on Farming Simulator. Get behind the wheel of the bus and navigate the areas of your map.

Download Keolis BUS V2.0 

Alutrec Flatbed Trailer V1.1.1 [1.38]

Alutrec Flatbed Trailer V1.1.1 [1.38] for American Truck Simulator

Changelog V1.1.1 ✔ added metal coil and airplane engine cargoes ✔ fixed missing collision on 48ft spread axle chassis ✔ Cargoes still TODO: hptank, ctubes_l, ctubes Standalone Multiple loads Owned Support animation 4 chassis Tuning Bumper Mud flaps This mod supports Smarty Wheel Pack. Make sure you have a higher priority Smarty Wheel Pack installed than the trailer (s) in the mod manager. You can use it without Smarty Wheel Pack, but the default wheels on this trailer don’t look very good

Download Alutrec Flatbed Trailer V1.1.1 [1.38] 

Realistic Traffic V6.4 [1.38.X]

Realistic Traffic V6.4 [1.38.X] for American Truck Simulator

Realistic Traffic 6.4 For American Truck Simulator 1.38.x Mod update. Please, do not upload the mod to another server, respect the author’s original link. ✔ Complete mod instructions in Spanish, English, German, Russian and Polish. ✔ Compatible with Drive Safely (Sound Fixes Pack) modifications. ✔ If you use Sound Fixes Pack, you have to put Sound Fixes Pack on top of this mod. ✔ Place this mod on top of maps or AI traffic mods. ✔ The mod, contains the base game traffic + added traffic. ✔ Compatible with all maps and all dlc’s in the game. ✔ Compatible with all AI traffic packs-mods. ✔ Compatibility with Sound Fixed Pack of…

Download Realistic Traffic V6.4 [1.38.X]