Roving Trader Outfit

Roving Trader Outfit for Fallout 76

Bring a classic piece of Fallout 3 apparel into Fallout 76 for your adventures across Appalachia. The Roving Trader Outfit is my all-time favorite outfit from Fallout 3 / New Vegas. And while the Field Scribe Outfit is clearly meant to be interpreted as its spiritual successor, that’s not good enough for me. I wanted the real deal (or at least as close to it as one could get). So a friend and I hunkered down and got to work, repurposing and Frankenstein’ing some assets from the base game as well as creating some new pieces from scratch and overall, I’m quite happy with the result. No, this does not include…

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DA40 NG Repaints

DA40 NG Repaints for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

REPAINT FEATURES 9 different exterior colour combinations. 4 custom interior colours across 8 aircraft and 1 aircraft using the MSFS default interior colour. Either white, red/white or prop colour tips. Custom prop blur textures for all 3 prop types to match the prop tip colour. More realistic prop blur with reduced strobing compared to the MSFS standard aircraft. Compatible with the MSFS standard edition DA40 NG and the DA40 NGX Project which I recommend. All textures used were developed from the default MSFS DA40 NG or other default aircraft in the standard edition of MSFS. INSTALLATION Just copy the folders in this zipfile to your MSFS “Community” folder. LIMITATIONS With the…

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Jobsv [.NET] 0.1.4

Jobsv [.NET] 0.1.4 for Grand Theft Auto V

JobsV (Beta 0.1.4) – JobsV Extends The Fun And Endless Possibilities In GTA V. This Script Gives A Life-like Feeling To The Game; Players Have The Ability To Apply To Multiple Jobs, Attend College, Earn A Degree, And Make A Salary While Working Your Way Up The Charts! This mod is in beta so expect a couple of issues/bugs PLEASE READ INSTALLATION BELOW If you have a unofficial version of the game, I cannot assist with any issues you may have. Interaction Key: Default – E Key Toggle HUD: Default – J Key Save Game: Default – K Key Load Game: Default – F11 Key Features Apply for a regular or…

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John Deere W500 Serie

John Deere W500 Serie for Farming Simulator 19

Hello, I present you my John Deere W500 Series for FS2019 with all FS19 standards. My mod has a new design, new features, configurations, and many other improvements. Have fun with this mod. Mod Functions: *All basic functions of FS 19 *UDIM Texture *New Michelin tires *Transport Protection Sign *Reflective Stickers config *2 motor versions (JD W540, JD W550) *Logo config (Tiemann, Fricke) *Number config (1/2/3/4/5) *GPS StarFire 3000 Config *Convoi Agricole Table Config *Warning Signs Config *Animated hydraulics *New color windows *Animated joystick *Animated indoor huds *Working lights, turn signals, brake lights *Complete wheelset (Michelin/Trelleborg/Mitas) *Movable rear axle *Seat Suspension *New details model *Many other animations… In The Pack: John…

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Gruppo Odle

Gruppo Odle for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Odle Group, Dolomites unfortunately being very large, the definition of catch had to be remains a Work in Progress but this is already better than the original. It remains a purely aesthetic embellishment, unfortunately there are no features in the SDK tool that allow you to work the 3d meshes well… this problem cause NO Stagionality.. so in winter, snow are under the model… there are errors, but I’m trying to fix them

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Bartoland Map V2.1 [1.39]

Bartoland Map V2.1 [1.39] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog V2.1 Update for 1.39 You will find 90 kms new of roads or paths in addition, 36 new company, 2 garages, 1 ferry, 4 trains, 1 fuel station, and 9 cities or villages to discover, including a city under construction, a city on an island, a futuristic city where it is not good to miss a bend, which will please some and confuse others – etc, an almost known desert, a swamp, a gorge or everything will not pass…etc…. Changelog V2.0 Added 60 kms of roads and paths, 12 more businesses, new sets, and a surprise, reserved for moviegoers Changelog From 19.06.20 Small update, with corrections of some bugs, and…

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