Einn Shannon Airport

Einn Shannon Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Shannon Airport (EINN) for MSFS 2020 Introducing a highly detailed rendition of Shannon Airport, with custom buildings, dynamic lighting, custom taxiways, detailed night lighting, static objects and more. Shannon Airport (Aerfort na Sionnane) (ICAO: EINN) Is an international airport on the west coast of Ireland, situated between the city of Limerick and Ennis town. It…

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AGM P310 And Bodywork

AGM P310 And Bodywork for Farming Simulator 19

AGM PACK P310. Hello Virtual Farmers, Today I Bring You A Truck With Several Options For You To Customize It To Your Liking! Next to the Truck you have an attachable body with some options, such as Bale Loader and Grain Carrier. P310 TRUCK: ✔ Color option; ✔ Optional taillights; ✔ Height optional; ✔ Optional…

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Eurowings Boeing 737 MAX (5K*10K)

Eurowings Boeing 737 MAX (5K*10K) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

This mod is for the Third Party Aircraft BREDOK3D BOEING 737-MAX by BREDOK3D. This plane is payware sold on Third-Party stores. There a serious concerns about its quality, please be aware. Eurowings Boeing 737 Max (5K*10K) Eurowings GmbH is a German low-cost carrier headquartered in Düsseldorf and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lufthansa…

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Bandeirante Raster H9

Bandeirante Raster H9 for Farming Simulator 19

Raster, specially developed to unpack the soil from the surface to the deepest layers. Excellence in dynamometry, great results in the unpacking process and root productivity. Yield, you get a satisfactory Power x Depth ratio. Efficiency at work, less soil removal keeping the straw layer practically intact. Bandeirante Raster H9 ✔ Price: 28000 $ ✔…

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Massey Ferguson 200 Series

Massey Ferguson 200 Series for Farming Simulator 19

Massey Ferguson 275, 283, 290 with 4*4 drive, a series that made history in Brazil. ✔ UniversalPassenger ready Available Options: ✔ Front Weight ✔ Weight + Shovel ✔ Lightweight ✔ Bumper ✔ Chrome Exhaust ✔ Chrome Exhaust2 ✔ Engines: 275 (75hp), 283 (83hp), 290 (96hp) ✔ Front loader console ✔ Windshield ✔ GPS ✔ Canvas…

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Duport PTW 12500

Duport PTW 12500 for Farming Simulator 19

The Duport PTW 12500 is a relatively simple single axle tank which has been specially developed for farmers and contractors. The simple construction in combination with a worm pump and a rear hitch makes this an excellent machine for the farmer who wants to spread slurry himself. Duport is a well-known brand from Dedemsvaart, Netherlands….

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Majstrowice Map

Majstrowice Map for Farming Simulator 19

The Map Has: Placeable buildings One purchase 2 farms Forests Machines to start Machine shop Purchase of cattle Landy to start Land purchased Purchase of wool Purchase of milk Purchase of hay straw The door opens on the mouse Mud mod PDA 38 fields Liming station

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