GPS RG PRO Green Black V5.0

GPS RG PRO Green Black V5.0 for American Truck Simulator

This is up to game version 1.38 The mod is intended only for the basic SCS + DLC map (The fix for another map mod definitely shows up) Mod adds – complies with dx 11 – speed limiter changed position – changes colors – changes the look of a road adviser – smaller mirror size on the F2 key – new icons on the map Mod tested on version

Download GPS RG PRO Green Black V5.0 

Beimer Meat Paintjob For Scania S And Närko Trailers

Beimer Meat Paintjob For Scania S And Närko Trailers for Euro Truck Simulator 2

I want to share a mod that I have been working on in recent days. I am a total beginner and I need as much input as possible from you guys. I thank you in advance. The Software That I Use To Work On: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Notepad++, Mods Studio 2 I try to make all paints and accessories exactly the same as in the real world. All images are created from scratch. Nothing is taken from others. Apply This Mod To: – Scania S rigid chassis with Närko 4.4m box (both regular and 6900) – Rigid Mid-Axle Närko trailers – Rigid 15m Närko trailers (22 inch wheels) – Rigid…

Download Beimer Meat Paintjob For Scania S And Närko Trailers 


Manhole for Farming Simulator 19

This gully opens up completely new possibilities for the agricultural simulator player. Many players have been waiting for this mod exactly. And now he’s there. At this gully you can finally empty your water barrel if you also use it to transport milk. The time when you needed two transport barrels is finally over. You can also use the gully to dispose of your curdled milk, or dispose of other liquids in it. (For example: If your cows are knee-deep in the liquid manure again and winter does not allow them to be spread on the fields.) However, you should note that with some liquids it is ILLEGAL to dispose of…

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