Scania T And T4 Brazilian Edit Update [1.38]

Scania T And T4 Brazilian Edit Update [1.38] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Update for ets2 1.38 Fixed several files that caused some errors Fixed rain that does not appear on the windshield and several other small problems that are barely noticed. now the download is straightforward no longer passes through note blocks as before. This mod is found in the mod dealership named RA.Mods Good fun to all.

Download Scania T And T4 Brazilian Edit Update [1.38] 

Beechcraft Kingair 350I “Harlequin”

Beechcraft Kingair 350I “Harlequin” for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Having done this to the Baron, I wanted to see if I could still control the colours on a more complicated design ✔ decide for yourself. The Harlequin Design Brings Colour And Shine To The Kingair… I Can Only Assume This Livery Would Cost A Fortune To Maintain In Real Life! It is a simple unzip and drag/drop into your community folder. Go on. It is shiny

Download Beechcraft Kingair 350I “Harlequin”