Popham – Eghp

Popham – Eghp for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Popham, UK – hand-crafted airport Another airport crafted from scratch. It mostly uses stock objects but I have created a custom model for the green hangars. I Hope You Enjoy It! Info: Popham Airfield (ICAO: EGHP) is an unlicensed airfield located 6 NM (11 km; 6.9 mi) south west of Basingstoke in Hampshire, UK. It lies alongside the A303 road. The airfield has two grass runways, designated 08/26 and 03/21. Light aircraft maintenance facilities, aircraft hire and flight training on microlight and light aircraft is available from AirBourne Aviation Ltd. Popham Airfield runs many different events over the year, including the Microlight trade fair in May, the annual Motorcycle Mega Meet…

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Esgu Uddevalla

Esgu Uddevalla for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

ESGU Uddevalla is a small airfield close to the west coast in Sweden. It has a grass runway that splits Uddevalla golf course in two parts. Unfortunately you won´t find any golfers on the course as the grass is to long. I have modeled all the buildings based on photos from the web, includigt the golf clubhouse and their equipment garage. There are to many streetlights over the area at the moment since roads are crossing. Hopefully we will be able to edit this in the future. The airport is a close low level flight along the coast from my other airports, Backamo and Kattleberg. Enjoy it.

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Lftw – Nîmes Garons, France V2.0

Lftw – Nîmes Garons, France V2.0 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Hello, Download the zip (aerial and airport package) and unzip them within your MS Flight Simulator Community folder. ✔ “Aerial’ package is the satellite ground picture ✔ “Airport” package is the airport structure This Package Includes: ✔ ATC and ILS when available as published on the French SIA website. ✔ PAPIs as published (position and pitch) ✔ Approach, Runway, taxilight Lights as published ✔ Taxi signs are accurate ✔ An aerial which is the sattelite view of the ground (v2.0 and higher) Notes : ✔ This package is Navigraph compatible, no runway duplication, SID and STAR from navigraph available ✔ since MSFS update, multiple aerials can be deployed in the…

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Pacific P16 Blueline-X V1.0.1

Pacific P16 Blueline-X V1.0.1 for SnowRunner

Version 1.0.1 ✔ adjustments to custom gearbox for less fuel consumption & more pulling power when hauling heavier loads (wip) ✔ exchanges the P16 engines with slightly tuned and more fuel hungry us special (Twinsteer-)engines (same torque values as the kolob engines) ✔ adds switchable AWD ✔ adds Frameaddons: Cat745 Fueltank, Cat770G Fueltank, Bandit minicrane, sideboard and flatbed ✔ adds 2 new bumpers with lights ✔ adds roofrack with lights ✔ adds optional highrange/offroad gearbox and custom 9-speed gearbox ✔ increases wheel size to 62″ ✔ increased ride height to accomodate for bigger wheels ✔ adds Cat770G tire options (P16 tires still default) ✔ increases fuel capacity to 380 ✔ increases…

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International Harvester Scout 800 Mod

International Harvester Scout 800 Mod for MudRunner

✔ Two cars, the only difference is the skin. ✔ 19 addons of our own, plus default trailers; ✔ There is animation; The author of the Saber Interactive model and sounds. The author of the wheels? 1. Download the mod. 2. And then there are several options. Either unpack and scatter in folders, or do not unpack ready for spmod, copy it to the mod manager in spmod and activate it, setting the priority at your discretion, each has an individual setting, it all depends on how he manipulates the game files.

Download International Harvester Scout 800 Mod