Lifted Razer

Lifted Razer for Farming Simulator 19

✔ Power: 160-190-320 h/p ✔ speed: 120-160-190 km/h ✔ color selection (main, design) ✔ design choice ✔ speedometer animation, digital tachometer ✔ engine setup ✔ light

Download Lifted Razer 

Pronar T680

Pronar T680 for Farming Simulator 19

Two-axle trailer from the Pronar brand. Properties: ✔ Capacity 17,200 l ✔ 6 wheel configurations ✔ Overload Pipe (activate Manually) After Conficuration! ✔ Multiple color configurations

Download Pronar T680 

Most Airport (Lkmo) V0.5

Most Airport (Lkmo) V0.5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Most Airport LKMO We bring you another scenery. This time it is another grassy aeroclub airport.The airport is located in northern Bohemia. This is the first version. On Sunday, November 22, 2020, there will be a big update with 8k textures and the completion of objects for which I currently have no background. Support my work. Don’t forget the feedback. GPS Coordinates: 50.526545, 13.681875

Download Most Airport (Lkmo) V0.5 

ON Watch Map V30.11.20

ON Watch Map V30.11.20 for MudRunner

On The Map: 1 Garage (open) 1 Refueling 1 Lumberjack 2 Loading points 4 Sawmills 6 Points of Intelligence 4 Slots for cars (can be replaced), and there is also one car on the map. Two map options: Autumn and Summer. Size: 25×25 (781 x 781 m) The map was converted from version 03.03.16 with some amendments. Friends, the map is small, but in places it will be very tricky. There will be dirt and cliffs and very dangerous slopes. All a pleasant passage. Version 30.11.20 For Spintires: MudRunner (v14.08.19): ✔ Updated to game version 08/14/19; ✔ Replaced dirt bridges with one wooden one.

Download ON Watch Map V30.11.20 

Stone Taiga Map V1.1

Stone Taiga Map V1.1 for MudRunner

Lightweight map of small size. The card is designed for default non-four-wheel drive vehicles … On The Map: ✔ 1 garage (closed); ✔ 1 fuel station; ✔ 1 point for automatic loading of logs; ✔ 1 point for manual loading of logs; ✔ 3 sawmills; ✔ 4 points of intelligence; ✔ 4 cars at the start (you can / need to replace); ✔ 6 cars on the map (Two KrAZ-256, MAZ-538, Two ZIL-130, UAZ-469). Two versions: Autumn and Summer. Size: 512×512 m. Version 1.1 For Spintires: MudRunner (v22.03.19): Added autumn version of the map.

Download Stone Taiga Map V1.1 

MAN TGS John Deere V2.0

MAN TGS John Deere V2.0 for Farming Simulator 19

In the morning the delivery man, we brought our new acquisition Our Tractor JOHN DEERE. With its MAN flocked in the colors of JOHN DEERE, you too will be able to make material deliveries and during your multiplayer, solo, or even roleplay games, what a pleasure to show off this delivery truck.

Download MAN TGS John Deere V2.0 

Mercedes-Benz NG 2632 (BR.395) 1974 Truck

Mercedes-Benz NG 2632 (BR.395) 1974 Truck for MudRunner

✔ test in the version of the game 14.08.19 Autonomous model ✔ there are your own sounds of the engine ✔ There is an animation of the elements ✔ model gets dirty ✔ there are own modules ✔ their wheels Working lighting ✔ the driver is present ✔ there is all-wheel drive ✔ there are their own cargoes

Download Mercedes-Benz NG 2632 (BR.395) 1974 Truck