Real Seeds Usage

Real Seeds Usage for Farming Simulator 19

With this mod, seeders will use the right and real amount of seed for every crop type. Wheat: 200 kg/ha Barley: 200 kg/ha Oat: 135 kg/ha Canola: 6,5 kg/ha Sunflower: 5 kg/ha Soybean: 55 kg/ha Maize: 19,5 kg/ha Potato: 1600 kg/ha Sugarbeet: 200 kg/ha

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Peterbilt 359

Peterbilt 359 for Farming Simulator 19

Alright, Everyone The Long-Awaited Peterbilt 359 By Half-Assed Modding Is Here. That New Workhorse You’ve Been Needing Is Now Going To Be Available To You! Whether You Want To Look Good, Or Tough This 359 Can Do It All! 3 Variations in the store providing a stock truck with option, tridrive variant with options, and…

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Canopy Pack

Canopy Pack for Farming Simulator 19

In this small pack you will find several pavilions to decorate your yard. The largest pavilion stands on a wooden platform to which a staircase leads. There is a grill, water dispenser, table and deck chairs for the leisure of the hard-working farmers. The other pavilions are simpler and available in different sizes. The mods…

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Masa for Farming Simulator 19

Lizard This is a fertilizer spreader for you to fertilize your fields, An old model spreader widely used in the past. Multicolor Price 5500 Capacity 600 liters Working speed 15 km / h Working width 12 meters Required power 50 hp

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Camera Suspension

Camera Suspension for Farming Simulator 19

In real life, you would never see your seat and armrest swinging up and down because your entire body is on it. This mod aims to fix this issue, that happens when you are driving from cab view, by allowing the camera to follow smoothly the cab and seat movements. Enjoy this new driving experience…

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Lamborghini SC18 Alston

Lamborghini SC18 Alston for Grand Theft Auto V

Features ✔ HQ exterior and HQ interior ✔ Good mirror reflections ✔ Breakable windows ✔ Hands-on steering wheel ✔ Working dial Installation: 1. Copy the sc18 folder to X: Grand Theft Auto V update x64 dlcpacks or X: Grand Theft Auto V mods update x64 dlcpacks 2. Use OpenIV to decompress X: Grand Theft Auto…

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