RED SEA Map [1.38]

RED SEA Map [1.38] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

This map mod will connect the ProMods ME road from Taba south into a whole new area on ETS including cities up and down the Red Sea coastline. Having flown over the Red Sea many times in the real world, it’s quite a beautiful area full of history, trade, wonderful towns, and amazingly hospitable people. This area deserves representation in our vibrant ETS2 community and of course, provides a nice haul from Somalia or Eritrea up the Red Sea into the rest of Europe. 30 AUG 2020: Red Sea Map Is Officially Released. Version 1.0 Contains The Road Connection South Of ProMods ME 2.50’s Taba, The City Of Nuweiba, And The…

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Tynda-10 Timpton Map V1.1B

Tynda-10 Timpton Map V1.1B for MudRunner

Hello, friends. I bring to your attention the continuation of the series of taiga maps, the Tynda-10 Timpton map. The source of inspiration this time was the Timpton River in South Yakutia, the village of Nagorny (or rather, what was left of it), photographs from those places and old memories. The archive provides three options (the only difference is in textures): summer, autumn, USA. The complexity of the map, as always, is designed for default transport. Somewhere it will be easy, but somewhere it will not. Passage with long dissolutions is possible. There are many alternative routes, and they, as always, are hidden. Yes, sometimes you have to look for roads….

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Return Of Mario World Map [1.38]

Return Of Mario World Map [1.38] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

The Mario map mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 includes countries and regions such as Finland, Norway, Sweden, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Asia, South and North America, and even a map of Ukraine and Russia from the Eastern Express. In addition, each region has its own weather conditions, day and night duration, temperature conditions, as well as specific buildings, vegetation, expensive infrastructure and much more. Added LAMB UNIV EURASIA SAT BG MAP Mod adapted for v1.38, many files have been corrected.

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Dbmx Multegofl [1.38]

Dbmx Multegofl [1.38] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Mod: Marcopolo Multego FL Versiune: 1.0 Ediție: Premium Compatibil cu: ATS și ETS2 Versiuni: 1.38.x Modul Include: • Marcopolo Multego FL 4×2 • Marcopolo Multego FL 6×2 • Marcopolo Multego FL Trafic • Skins 4K. • Vopsele metalice. • Interior de înaltă definiție cu animații. • Parbriz polarizat.

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Ix-Tra Heavy Duty 7-Slot High-Saddle Trailer V2.0

Ix-Tra Heavy Duty 7-Slot High-Saddle Trailer V2.0 for SnowRunner

I know I may catch some flak for this but… After a great amount of discussion and deliberation among the iX Innovations team it was decided (after extensive torture testing and general usage also) that this set of trailers had such a different feel that they were worthy of their own package. With the ability to pack in 7 units of cargo and a largely adjusted mass, this is officially the biggest and heaviest basic cargo mover in the game. It definitely adds a layer of extra difficulty for the more “hardcore” players who may have been put off by the “Unspillable” aspect, or even for the more casual player who…

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