NEW Holland T7 Swb-Lwb

NEW Holland T7 Swb-Lwb for Farming Simulator 19

New Holland T7 Base Price (SWB) 119.000$ Engine Configurations T7.165S – 165 HP T7.175 – 175 HP T7.190 – 190 HP T7.210 – 210 HP T7.225 – 225 HP Base Price (LWB) 134.000$ Engine Configurations T7.195S – 195 HP T7.215S – 215 HP T7.230 – 230 HP T7.245 – 245 HP T7.260 – 260 HP T7.270 – 270 HP Tire Configurations Michelin Mitas Trelleborg Nokian

Download NEW Holland T7 Swb-Lwb 

LOW Deck Chassis Addon For Scania S&R Nextgen By Sogard3 V2.0

LOW Deck Chassis Addon For Scania S&R Nextgen By Sogard3 V2.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Changelog V2.0: ✔ Updated for v1.39. Changelog V1.9: ✔ Updated for v1.37. Changelog V1.8: ✔ Added bumpers with leds for number plates. Changelog V1.7: ✔ Fixed all models for 1.35 DX11. ✔ Fixed SCS paintjobs. ✔ Black cables. Raised spoilers. Cables Working! 5 Optionals number plates. 2 Shorted rear mudflaps. 2 Sideskirts with side lights Paint/Plastic (For skins make a new .sii file with this name “skinname”.4x2_p_lights.sii). 2 Opened rear fenders Paint/Plastic (For skins make a new .sii file with this name “skinname”.4x2o_p.sii). 2 New cabins with raised spoiler (For skins add this line to def file: suitable_for[]: “highlinel.scania.r_2016.cabin” or suitable_for[]: “highlinel.scania.s_2016.cabin”). Only stock skins working(I dont have all DLC to…

Download LOW Deck Chassis Addon For Scania S&R Nextgen By Sogard3 V2.0 

Kitimat British Columbia V2.7

Kitimat British Columbia V2.7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

This scenery pack includes the Kitimat Airpark CBW2 as well as many other parts of the Kitimat Valley and estuary from the Douglas Channel up to Terrace. I’ve done extensive terraforming in the valley and added many enhancements to the airpark. There is even a small hideaway camp on the north end of Minette Bay if you’re flying an amphibian. Lots of bears and things to see if you turn on your POI’s.

Download Kitimat British Columbia V2.7 

Little CAR Garage

Little CAR Garage for Farming Simulator 19

I would like to offer you my new project for download here. It is a small garage for your yard car, or for your other cars you have. The garage door can be with the left mouse button open and close This Is A Placeable Mod, NOKING Installation Per GE Necessary!!! This is practically a beta version, the tor still opens downwards, because there was no other solution at the moment, because the editor is crazy. So there will be another, if not more new versions with improvements in the next days.

Download Little CAR Garage 

Berestovoye Map

Berestovoye Map for MudRunner

The Card Contains: ✔ 1 Garage (Closed); ✔ 1 Fuel station; ✔ 1 point of loading + 1 loading of logs; ✔ 0 collection points; ✔ 3 Sawmills; ✔ 5 points of intelligence; ✔ 4 cars at the start + 4 cars on the map. Card size 512×512

Download Berestovoye Map 

North Bahamas Adventure Bush Trip

North Bahamas Adventure Bush Trip for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

A simple easy flight for sightseeing the Northern Grand Bahamas. MultiPlayer is enabled so you can play the mission with others, simultaniuosly doing the mission or not. If you do not wish to have other players, you will have to disable multiplayer in settings or edit the flt file. Made to fly the Cessna 172, I include 2 seperate downloads for both the g1000 and the Classic versions. NOTE: Only use one version at a time, they are not compatible to use both together. Fly around the northern most Grand Bank and check out some of the prettiest beaches around. Install: move the “north_bahamas_adventure” folder from the download of your choice…

Download North Bahamas Adventure Bush Trip