Renault T DTI 11 & 13 Engine Sound Mod [1.38]

Renault T DTI 11 & 13 Engine Sound Mod [1.38] for Euro Truck Simulator 2

I’ve recorded again the Renault T DTi11 engine, but this time with my Zoom H5.  This sound is totally new, made from scratch. I’ve also added my Volvo D13K engine sound for the 13 litres engines of the truck, in real life the DTi13 and D13K are really close, they sound very similar. The DTi11 is more specific, this is why i recorded it. So now you have two engines sounds for this truck. There’s also a good standart horn coming with it, and of course all the interior accessories sounds

Download Renault T DTI 11 & 13 Engine Sound Mod [1.38] 

Semitrailer M747 With Sidewalls V0.1

Semitrailer M747 With Sidewalls V0.1 for SnowRunner

you can now put trucks on trailers and wont fall off this mod has 2 different M747 trailers with sidewalls one is short other is tall added chain tires both are in the trailer store so i was looking for a way to add side walls to trailers. default addons dont work on trailers, but i tried wheels and it work trucks dont fall off i did try the other 2 trailers with ramps but they have a problem even in normal game play they glitch out and fly around

Download Semitrailer M747 With Sidewalls V0.1 

Tatra 815 8×8

Tatra 815 8×8 for SnowRunner

Here is another czech army truck from me to you famous TATRA 815 8×8. It looks good, has many addons,different wheels, i made some color variations for it too and tried to make cockpit view not perfect yet. original model mesh: STYWY convert into Mudrunner: garminbreak convert into Snowrunner, polishing, tuning, coloring, tweaking” zidon sounds: Peter Polanszki bugs: glitchy hands on steering wheel, no functional mirrors ..

Download Tatra 815 8×8