Icons mods for World of Tanks

Girls UND Panzer (Panzer Skin) []

Girls UND Panzer (Panzer Skin) [] for World of Tanks

Tanks from the anime Girls und Panzer. Were pulled from the original mod. I ARE NOT THE ORIGINAL DEVELOPER. There are also decals to preserve authenticity (you don’t want to see German Blankenkreuz on top of the maus and at the same time the emblem of the schwarzwald school?) Installation Move folders from archive to res_mods / game version

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Rebirth Tactical Map Builder – Make Your OWN Maps []

Rebirth Tactical Map Builder – Make Your OWN Maps [] for World of Tanks

Build Tactical Maps to View in Battle or outside of battle Great for Clan Wars,Rank Battles , Skirmish or even Random battles This mod has all the Maps, with Coordinates & Grid. Also it comes with 60 Different Tactical Icons In a Folder,This is simple tool to use. Just Pick which map you want to Build ,Right click map ,Open with “Photoshop” or “Paint.net” .or any other Photo SoftWare ,Than click “Paste” or “layer”tab,than click “Paste From” Pick the Folder Named “Icons”. Than all you do pick your icon you want then place it on the minimap at the location you want. After you place all the icons you want on…

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Tactical Battle Minimaps []

Tactical Battle Minimaps [] for World of Tanks

Some Of The Top WOT Clans DONT Want You To See Or Have This. Most Good Players Use The Minimap As A Major Tool In Battle. So I Took From These Web Sites “Maps Tactics” & “Guru Maps” And Other Discrete Web Sites. They Show Some Of The Best Place To Set Up In Arty & Td. I Mark The Spots On The Minimap Where Arty & Td Is Most Likely To Set Up. It Shows The Best Strategic Place For Arty & Td To Set Up, This Mod Will Show In Battle, So You Don’t Have To Try To Remember Where To Go. You Can Use This For “Counter Battery”…

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NO Carousel Tank Icons []

NO Carousel Tank Icons [] for World of Tanks

No Carousel Tank Icons , This mod will Remove the stock Garage tank carousel tank icons .To make Tanks stats in carousel more noticeable . You will notice that tanks stats are much easier to see , Especially when you use Xvm or a stats mod . Or you can just use it to clean up your Garage to help on lag, Works With Out Xvm Or With Xvm Installation Step 1 UNZIP DOWNLOAD. Step 2 PICK WHAT MOD YOU WANT, If YOU HAVE A CHOICE Step 3 OPEN THAT FOLDER ,COPY THE File .wotmod Step 4 OPEN YOUR WORLD OF TANKS LOCATION…. normally C:GamesWorldoftanks.. Step 5 OPEN FOLDER “mods” STEP…

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Rainbow SIX Siege Portraits For Vehicle Crews []

Rainbow SIX Siege Portraits For Vehicle Crews [] for World of Tanks

Consists of 19(+3) male operators portraits from Rainbow Six Siege, although this is just the beginning. I planned to add more, including other nations and female members. All portraits are owned by Ubisoft Entertainment. Installation Simply extract the folder with files into resmod folder. Example: C:Program Files (x86)World_of_Tanksres_mod[GameVersion] Each nations have their own operators portraits (USA, UK, France, Germany, USSR.) You can change the crew portrait for free. Just scroll through and you will find R6S operator portraits. Click on any portrait and click “Save Changes.” You’re Done!

Download Rainbow SIX Siege Portraits For Vehicle Crews [] 

Mori’s Contour Icons []

Mori’s Contour Icons [] for World of Tanks

Icons show Name, Class, Tier, Nation and if the tank is Special, Premium or normal. Info: I used night_dragon_on’s mod for disabling the mirroring of the icons. Installation Simply Unpack Into Your WoT Directory And Press “Replace All” In Prompt! If you have Tier Vehicle Level enabled (Like in Screenshot 5), turn it off in your Settings > Game > Battle Interface > Show Vehicle Tier (need to be unchecked).

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Player Panel PRO []

Player Panel PRO [] for World of Tanks

Info: CHAMPi’s Tank Health Bars & Enemy Spotted Status was renamed to CHAMPi’s Player Panel Pro Customizable Tank Health Bars, Tank Class Icons And Enemy Spotted Status For The Playerpanel Without The Need Of XVM! Features: can draw tank health bars in different styles draws background in vehicle class colors (see screenshot) or in standard green (own team) / red (enemy team) can show only remaining structure points or current/max structure points changeable graphics and layout you can make your own backgrounds if you like can show the tank class icon (optionally) can show the enemy spotted status in a lot of different styles (optionally) info: grey icon: undetected in this…

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40 Battle Buttons []

40 Battle Buttons [] for World of Tanks

Hawg’s 40 Battle Buttons .This mod will change the stock Battle Button in the hangar to a customize Battle Button. 40 battle Buttons to pic from. Ace Of Spades Axe Binocs Black Blue Boar Brick Wall Bull Camo Cannon Cross Crossed Riffles Dice Dragon Dragons Head Fire Granite Green Grim Reaper Helmet Kashiwazaki Lucky Meathead Militia Peace Pen Up Girl 1 Pen Up Girl 2 Rebel Silver Star Skull Smoke Spider Stars Steel Stone WG WG Shield Wolf World Cup Yellow GI Jane Installation Step 1 UNZIP DOWNLOAD. Step 2 PICK WHAT BATTEL BUTTON YOU WANT Step 3 OPEN THAT FOLDER ,COPY THE File “Hawg_BattleButton.wotmod”. Step 4 OPEN YOUR WORLD OF…

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