3D Styles [] for WOT

3D Styles [] for World of Tanks

3D Styles []

Hi Commander, These Skins Are The Official 3D Camouflages Of WoT. If You Don’t Have It In Game, This Mod Is Perfect To You!
There Are 34 3D Styles:

Tier 6 : KV-2
Tier 8 : Udes 14/5; Lansen C; SU 130PM; T-44-100P; IS-3; Progetto 46; E75TS; KJP105; Lowe; T-27; LT 1 LPC; Renegade; BC Bourrasque; FV4202.
Tier 10 : Kranvagn; OBJ430U; LT100; OBJ140; OBJ907; OBJ261; IS-7; Progetto 65; Grille 15; JPZE100; E100; AMX 13 105; BC25t; AMX 50B; FV4005; T110E4; T57 Heavy; OBJ277; Super Conqueror.

Good Luck In Battle!


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