Classic’s Dakka Improvement Project (Simple Remodel Pack) [] for WOT

Classic’s Dakka Improvement Project (Simple Remodel Pack) [] for World of Tanks

Adds more dakka (machine guns) to a large selection of vehicles.

(NOTE: The SU-100Y featured in the thumbnail is available as a separate mod.)
Currently Included Vehicles (103 Total):

Latest additions are written in bold text.


Type T-34, Type 58, 59-Patton


Skoda T-24, Skoda T-27


LT: AMX ELC bis, AMX 13 57, AMX 13 57 GF, B-C 12 t, ELC EVEN 90, AMX 13 90, AMX 13 105

HT: FCM 50 t, AMX 50 120

TD: M10 RBFM (+ “Siroco” style)

SPG: leFH18B2


LT: HWK 30 (updated in v5.0)

MT: Pz. IV Ausf. H, Pz. III/IV, VK 30.01 P, Panther, VK 30.02 DB, Leopard PT A, E 50 Ausf. M

HT: VK 36.01 H, Tiger (P), VK 45.03, Löwe, VK 75.01 K, Tiger II, VK 45.02 A,E 75, VK 45.02 B

TD: Nashorn, Jagdtiger


P.43 Bis, P.43 Ter, P.44 Pantera, Progetto M35 mod. 46 (+ “Safari Corazzato” 3D style)


LT: Ke-Ho

MT: Chi-Ri

HT: Type 95 Heavy, O-I Exp., O-I, O-Ni, O-Ho


LT: 14TP

MT: 25TP KSUST II, 40TP Habicha

HT: 45TP Habicha


MT: Strv Leo, Lansen C (+ “Odin’s Wolves” 3D style), UDES 16

HT: Emil I, Emil II, Kranvagn

TD: Ikv 103, Ikv 90 B


LT: Manticore

MT: Chimera, FV4202 (P), Centurion I, Centurion 7/1

HT: Caernarvon, Conqueror

TD: Alecto, Charioteer


LT: XM551 Sheridan

MT: M4 Improved, T20, TL-1 LPC, T69, T54E1, M48A5 Patton

HT: T14, M6A1, T29, T26E5, T26E5 Patriot, T32, T34, T34 Black, Chrysler K, Chrysler K GF, AE Phase 1, T110E5

TD: T78 (+ “Federalist” 3D style), T30


LT: T-45, MT-25, LTG, T-54 Ltwt.

MT: Object 416

HT: KV-1, IS-1, IS-2-II, IS-3-II, Object 257, ST-I

TD: SU-100M1, ISU-152

ADD-ONS (Optional):

China: Type 64 with DShK

France: leFH18B2 with rear doors open

Italy: P.43 Bis, P.43 Ter, & P.44 Pantera with alternative “late-model” machine guns (unhistorical)

Poland: 45TP Habicha with alternate (simplified) DShK mount

UK: Centurion 7/1 with standard cupola-mounted .30-cal MG (same as Centurion Mk1/Caernarvon)

USA: T30 with roof-mounted MGs only (no spare .50-cal on turret rear), AE Phase 1 with single .50-cal MG

USSR: T-54 ltwt. with twin-KPV mount (from Obj 705A), T-103 with machine gun platform (from IS-7 ‘Granite’ 3D style)

IMPORTANT NOTE on Projection Decals

Any vehicles with oscillating turrets (AMX 13 105, Kranvagn, etc.) included in this pack may not display projection decals correctly.


MAIN: To install, drag the “CWW-Dakka-Improvement-Project” folder from within “MAIN MOD” to mods.

(Example: C:/Games/World_Of_Tanks/mods).

All included vehicles are packaged in separate .wotmods for user convenience. Any vehicles which you do not want to use can be disabled by removing their .wotmod file(s).

ADD-ONS (OPTIONAL): Alternate configurations for a few individual vehicles have been included as optional add-ons, found within the “ADD-ONS Alternate Configs” folder. To install any of these, drag “CWW-Dakka-Improvement-Project” from within the option folder(s) of your choice to modsand overwrite any existing files as necessary.



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