World of Tanks mods


OBJ 907 “Graphite” Remodel []

OBJ 907 “Graphite” Remodel [] for World of Tanks

Didnt Get In A Spot To Get The 3D Style? NO PROBLEM! With This Mod Not Only You Get The 3D Style As Default, But Also You Get To Customize It!!! Features: Replaces the vanilla Obj. 907 model into the “Graphite” 3D Style Because of this you can now Customize it! (Since the Style is quite empty.. has no camo or paint.) Known Bugs: Paint does NOT work on the remodel. but everything else does (Yet some 2D styles’s paint DOES work with this. not sure why.) Installation Place file in mods>Game Version ( for example) > here

Download OBJ 907 “Graphite” Remodel [] 

“Circuit Breaker” Style []

“Circuit Breaker” Style [] for World of Tanks

This is a Style replace mod, it works on all tanks where the original style works on. Replaces: “Tempered Glass” ⇨ “Circuit Breaker” DOWNLOAD ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE STYLE ON THE LEFT Disclaimer: This mod does NOT include modified text. if you want modified text for the style In-Game then Download the “Style Collectors Pack” wich includes all Styles + a BONUS “Chinese Gold Camo” style + modified text for the styles in-game. Installation Place .wotmod on mods>Current Version>here

Download “Circuit Breaker” Style [] 

NO Carousel Tank Icons []

NO Carousel Tank Icons [] for World of Tanks

No Carousel Tank Icons , This mod will Remove the stock Garage tank carousel tank icons .To make Tanks stats in carousel more noticeable . You will notice that tanks stats are much easier to see , Especially when you use Xvm or a stats mod . Or you can just use it to clean up your Garage to help on lag, Works With Out Xvm Or With Xvm Installation Step 1 UNZIP DOWNLOAD. Step 2 PICK WHAT MOD YOU WANT, If YOU HAVE A CHOICE Step 3 OPEN THAT FOLDER ,COPY THE File .wotmod Step 4 OPEN YOUR WORLD OF TANKS LOCATION…. normally C:GamesWorldoftanks.. Step 5 OPEN FOLDER “mods” STEP…

Download NO Carousel Tank Icons [] 

IS-7 []

IS-7 [] for World of Tanks

This mod replaces the top tier IS-7 heavy tank. I made so many changes to the original model. Including remodeling, fixing the model in some cases. Retextured and fixed textures in some cases. It’s V1. I might change/add a few things in the near future. Please before you vote/assess. Try the model in game. It’s hard to show in pictures all the changes to the original. Let me know if there are any bugs, glitches with the model or with the textures. Thank you. Installation Extract the zip file and copy “vehicles” folders from the unzipped folder into your World_of_Tanksres_mods1.**(current version of the game ex.”V1.9.0.0″) folder and you’re good to go….

Download IS-7 [] 

Girls UND Panzer Music Mod []

Girls UND Panzer Music Mod [] for World of Tanks

This MOD is made by The socialist music promotion committee. Important Information: Guess What Will Happen? We Are Going To Update The Latest Version Of Music Mod!Send Your Ideas To The Message Area, And We Will Improve Mod According To Your Suggestions.Coming Soooooooooooooon! Important note: We used higher quality music, which led to excessive volume under default settings. We recommend that you Settings Sound Master Volume change it to 50. If you think some kind of music is too big. You can change it in Settings Sound Master Sound. We didn’t expect that changing the higher tone quality would lead to this problem.We hope everyone will have a better game experience….

Download Girls UND Panzer Music Mod [] 

Himari Mochizuki – Voice Pack []

Himari Mochizuki – Voice Pack [] for World of Tanks

This mod is Virtual YouTuber Himari Mochizuki’s voice pack. Let’s play together♪ 1. Copy “audioww” folder to “World_of_Tanksres_mods#current version#”. 2. Set “Voice Message in Battle” to “Standard” in game sound settings. 3. Select the sixth sense sound. Variant 1 : Himari’s voice(without BGM) Variant 2 : Himari’s voice with 10s BGM

Download Himari Mochizuki – Voice Pack []