Best Sights mods for World of Tanks

Hawg’s Pro Dart Damage Indicator []

Hawg’s Pro Dart Damage Indicator [] for World of Tanks

This mod changes the stock Damage Indicator to a Neat , Clean and less Obstructive Damage Indicator. The indicator will help you see more of the battlefield. Normal version ,all damage colors are based on the stock Wot Damage Indicators colors. This Arrow version is based from Hawgs Needle Damage Indicator. Installation Step 1 UNZIP…

Download Hawg’s Pro Dart Damage Indicator [] 

[0.9.20] Sight Zx Lite Vs Radio

[0.9.20] Sight Zx Lite Vs Radio for World of Tanks

All its elements are completely designed and made in the same style. The sight has a beautiful health indicators and recharge. The kit it comes to the sniper scope Radio from the same author. The sight has indicator penetration in a circle in the middle. Very convenient and easy sight Sniper Scope «Radio» v2 is…

Download [0.9.20] Sight Zx Lite Vs Radio 

[9.20] Sight Destroyer

[9.20] Sight Destroyer for World of Tanks

Author: Andre_V Sight «Destroyer» for World of Tanks — a new format of sights from the series Strike the user Andre_V. It is light and pleasant green colors, which harmoniously complements the clear and easily noticeable print. So that people with poor eyesight to this sight will not be any inconvenience. On the screen you…

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[0.9.20] Sights From Jove

[0.9.20] Sights From Jove for World of Tanks

He is one of the most convenient and accurate sights for tanks. Sight does not load your game space superfluous information through minimalist design and subtle lines It has convenient central marker with calculator penetration It has a beautiful design with nice colors for the eyes, which are visible on all maps In fact Jovi…

Download [0.9.20] Sights From Jove 

[0.9.20] The Sight Dezertoda

[0.9.20] The Sight Dezertoda for World of Tanks

This sight of the entrance to the modpack by this author, but who do not want to download the entire assembly can download separately sight right now. Desertod is the author of many mods, it plays under the nickname — Zayaz. The Sight Dezertoda in the style overcross with red LED indicators and recharge the…

Download [0.9.20] The Sight Dezertoda 

[0.9.20] Crimson Sight

[0.9.20] Crimson Sight for World of Tanks

Quality sight for World of Tanks 0.9.20, which came to taste many of tankers. It is made in the crimson color, informative and easy to use, does not overload you with unnecessary elements. Includes: arcade, sniper and artillery modes. Author: 19Nikolay94 Features: reload timer, state of recharge and the strength of the tank, the number…

Download [0.9.20] Crimson Sight 

[9.20] Sight Protanki

[9.20] Sight Protanki for World of Tanks

Central marker in the form of a circle with a point very well to aim at the player, and informative information from the sensors and the thickness of the armor of the enemy breaking through your shell, always help you where to shoot, and are more likely to cause damage. The sight of the Pro…

Download [9.20] Sight Protanki 

[0.9.20] Sights Hybrid + X30 Zoom

[0.9.20] Sights Hybrid + X30 Zoom for World of Tanks

Very not bad popular sight with the possibility of 30 times magnification, in fact a hybrid sight. You can enjoy the sights in the arcade, sniper and artileriyskom modes. Sight «Hybrid» is compatible with the latest update 0.9.20. Sights Hybrid: Arcade sight with zoom mod Sniper scope with displaying your projectile penetration and thickness of…

Download [0.9.20] Sights Hybrid + X30 Zoom 

[0.9.20] Taipan Arty Crosshair

[0.9.20] Taipan Arty Crosshair for World of Tanks

Artys CrossHair for World of tanks 0.9.20. Author Domin4tor. Series scopes Taipan for WOT also famous for its super sight for the arts, which is not inferior to all of the known art sight sword of Damocles. It is very convenient and will be the most beneficial for every self-respecting artovoda. Art sights Taipan shows…

Download [0.9.20] Taipan Arty Crosshair 

[0.9.20] Sights From Jimbo

[0.9.20] Sights From Jimbo for World of Tanks

This is one one of the first sights that have been created for our favorite game World of Tanks. With its convenient and efficient they are popular now. Their first was a well-known creator marsoff, then took them to the development of Jimbo. After some revisions and optimizations to get a unique, futuristic sights Jimbo,…

Download [0.9.20] Sights From Jimbo 

[0.9.20] Valuhov Sight

[0.9.20] Valuhov Sight for World of Tanks

Good sight nowadays very rare, but still have such sights. Here’s an example sight “wethers” for WOT 0.9.20, it is much easier game user and does not interfere with the game. The sight is completely new, but that did not stop him get into modpak from tank the Spirits. Valuhov consists of 4 different versions…

Download [0.9.20] Valuhov Sight