Skins mods for World of Tanks

Best WoT Skins Mods

Digital – Camo []

Digital – Camo [] for World of Tanks

Digital Camo for American Russian British French Germany Italy Japan vehicles. This mod will modify an existing camouflage, only three for each nation. One for summer, one for winter and one for desert. Installation The Pack Contains Seven Different Wotmod File: digital_camo_american.wotmod digital_camo_british.wotmod digital_camo_french.wotmod digital_camo_german.wotmod digital_camo_italy.wotmod digital_camo_japan.wotmod digital_camo_russian.wotmod To install just unpack and copy the…

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IS-7 []

IS-7 [] for World of Tanks

This mod replaces the top tier IS-7 heavy tank. I made so many changes to the original model. Including remodeling, fixing the model in some cases. Retextured and fixed textures in some cases. It’s V1. I might change/add a few things in the near future. Please before you vote/assess. Try the model in game. It’s…

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Rheinmetall Skorpian G Variant 1 []

Rheinmetall Skorpian G Variant 1 [] for World of Tanks

This mod replaces the premium G114_Rheinmetall_Skorpian Tank Destroyer. Removed front “mud guards”; added driver’s periscope; fired shell cases; front towing shackles; front-right light added; back-right “stop” light added; more tracks;… Installation Extract the zip file and copy “gui & vehicles” folders from the unzipped folder into your World_of_Tanksres_mods1.**(current version of the game ex.”V1.9.0.0″) folder and…

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