Stats mods for World of Tanks

Rebirth Tactical Map Builder – Make Your OWN Maps []

Rebirth Tactical Map Builder – Make Your OWN Maps [] for World of Tanks

Build Tactical Maps to View in Battle or outside of battle Great for Clan Wars,Rank Battles , Skirmish or even Random battles This mod has all the Maps, with Coordinates & Grid. Also it comes with 60 Different Tactical Icons In a Folder,This is simple tool to use. Just Pick which map you want to Build ,Right click map ,Open with “Photoshop” or “” .or any other Photo SoftWare ,Than click “Paste” or “layer”tab,than click “Paste From” Pick the Folder Named “Icons”. Than all you do pick your icon you want then place it on the minimap at the location you want. After you place all the icons you want on…

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Rebirth 2.0 []

Rebirth 2.0 [] for World of Tanks

focus on customizing your experience to your preference It will help produce your best results on the battle field. REBIRTH Functions Battle Armor Thickness Indicator 1 Teams HP Green Pen 2 Tank Hp Yellow Might Pen 3 WN8 Mark Red No Pen 4 Tank Distance 5 Target Base Reload Time 6 Aim Count 11 Alt ScoreBoards 1 Tank Battles 5 Alt HP OTM 2 Win % Name 3 Tank Nation Flag 4 Hull Armor Draw Direction Arrow Must turn on XMQP Main Xvm Web Tanks Top Speed Minimap Hp circle Damage Log Kill Cross Informer Arty Minimap Sights Rating Colors Change Colors in REBIRTH Border Color Tank Outline Can Change 28…

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Skull Battle Results []

Skull Battle Results [] for World of Tanks

Skulls Battle Results. This mod changes the stock battle Results into Results, A different Skull picture for each type of results. Easy to install Installation Step 1 UNZIP DOWNLOAD. Step 2 PICK WHAT MOD YOU WANT, If YOU HAVE A CHOICE Step 3 OPEN THAT FOLDER ,COPY THE File .wotmod Step 4 OPEN YOUR WORLD OF TANKS LOCATION…. normally C:GamesWorldoftanks.. Step 5 OPEN FOLDER “mods” STEP 6 OPEN PATCH FOLDER : EXAMPLE 1.X.X OR WHAT EVER UPDATE IS 0.1.X.X.X STEP 7 PASTE “Hawg_wotmod ” INSIDE OF PATCH FOLDER : NOTE IF ASK REPLACE CLICK YES STEP 8 RESTART YOUR GAME

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ON Battle Results Statistics []

ON Battle Results Statistics [] for World of Tanks

These are the WN8 statistics displayed on the battle results window, for all players. Mod is downloading data from WG API while battle is loading/on countdown, so depending on a bandwidth there can occur micro freeze. Any ideas, opinions and questions, please send to me by message on the forum, in this topic, or in the game. Installation Unpack the mod. Put wotmods from x.x.x.x folder to current version. Put configs to mods folder.

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WotDossier []

WotDossier [] for World of Tanks

Standalone application for collect, show and analyze battle statistics from game dossier cache. Also has functionality for manage battle replays. Statistics: Progress and graphs. Total and per vehicles. Ratings. Achievements Replays: Management Play replay in specific version of WOT client. Build-in replay simulator Summary statistics base on replays Installation Launch Installer. Attention. Application required .NET Framework 4.6.2 or later. Application has auto-update functionality

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