Best World of Tanks Stats mods

Rebirth 2.0 []

Rebirth 2.0 [] for World of Tanks

focus on customizing your experience to your preference It will help produce your best results on the battle field. REBIRTH Functions Battle Armor Thickness Indicator 1 Teams HP Green Pen 2 Tank Hp Yellow Might Pen 3 WN8 Mark Red No Pen 4 Tank Distance 5 Target Base Reload Time 6 Aim Count 11 Alt

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ON Battle Results Statistics []

ON Battle Results Statistics [] for World of Tanks

These are the WN8 statistics displayed on the battle results window, for all players. Mod is downloading data from WG API while battle is loading/on countdown, so depending on a bandwidth there can occur micro freeze. Any ideas, opinions and questions, please send to me by message on the forum, in this topic, or in

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WotDossier []

WotDossier [] for World of Tanks

Standalone application for collect, show and analyze battle statistics from game dossier cache. Also has functionality for manage battle replays. Statistics: Progress and graphs. Total and per vehicles. Ratings. Achievements Replays: Management Play replay in specific version of WOT client. Build-in replay simulator Summary statistics base on replays Installation Launch Installer. Attention. Application required .NET

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Darth Vader Battle Results []

Darth Vader Battle Results [] for World of Tanks

Darth Vader Battle Results This mod changes the stock battle Results into Darth Vader Results, A different Darth Vader picture for each type of results. Easy to install. Installation Step 1 UNZIP DOWNLOAD. Step 2 COPY THE File “.wotmod”.>> Step 3 OPEN YOUR WORLD OF TANKS FOLDER, LOCATION…. normally C:GamesWorldoftanks.. Step 4 OPEN FOLDER “mods”

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