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If you’re looking for Farming Simulator 19 mods, you’re in the right place. Farming Simulator 19 is another fantastic entry in Giants Software’s beloved farming simulation series. The latest game in the series was published by Focus Home Interactive on November 20th, 2018. Like with other games in the series, it can be played on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on PCs and Macs. This entry in the series features a major graphical overhaul. The details you can see as you play are incredible! The gameplay is better than ever. Even more new features and content will be added to the game via downloadable content (DLC), which will be released at a later date. This entry has more map options, amazing new equipment and vehicles, horseback riding, and the ability to grow new types of crops, like oat and cotton. Players can explore environments in both North America and Europe, providing a satisfying gaming experience. If you want to keep up with the latest updates, news and FS19 mods, you’ll find everything you need here at ModsHost. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Farming Simulator!
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AgraZ Land Trade V1.0.2.6

AgraZ Land Trade V1.0.2.6 for Farming Simulator 19

AgraZ Landtrade Point of sale for all basegame and many mod products. Liquids must be sold with a trailer / semi-trailer. Building price: 100000 € Currently fully supported mods: – All AgraZ productions – North Frisian March – GlobalCompany – Potato sorting plant – MaizePlus Further fruits, products or the support of whole mods/maps gladly…

Download AgraZ Land Trade V1.0.2.6 

HTZ T-150 V1.3.2.2

HTZ T-150 V1.3.2.2 for Farming Simulator 19

An Edited Version Of The HTZ T-150 Tractor : ✔ Power: 180 hp. / 132 kW; ✔ Speed: 20 km / h; ✔ The volume of the fuel tank: 315 l.; ✔ Price: 20,000 euros; ✔ Basic color configuration; ✔ Configuration of hood panels; ✔ Counterweight configuration; ✔ Blade mounting configuration; ✔ Headlight configurations; ✔…

Download HTZ T-150 V1.3.2.2 

FMZ Harvesters Pack V2.0

FMZ Harvesters Pack V2.0 for Farming Simulator 19

FS19 FMŻ Harvesters Pack V2 (Z040, Z050, Z058, KZS4 Rekin) Changelog V2: Added new combines models Improved models Rebuilt cutters (remade, now compatible with most of the others Bizons released) Improved Specular and Normal Maps (main reason for weight increase) Fixed incompatibility with some mods A Pack Includes: Harvesters: KZS-4 “Rekin” 6xZ040 (2xZ040, 3xZ043, 5043)…

Download FMZ Harvesters Pack V2.0 

FKA 602 Multi Attach

FKA 602 Multi Attach for Farming Simulator 19

✔ Color configuration ✔ Optional straw chopper ✔ Added compatible combines (Claas Dominator 106, Claas Dominator 88/98/108/118, Claas VX 98/108/128, Claas Mega 204/208/218, John Deere 2266, Fortschritt E516 Modhub combines) ✔ A missed feature that AAA Modding missed out of, but I made up for it.

Download FKA 602 Multi Attach 

Magirus KLF

Magirus KLF for Farming Simulator 19

Functions: Animated doors 3D expansion Ambient lighting via Simple-IC Skin selection Mittelberg Koenigsberg Martin’s horns Electric horn using the‘ Num7 ’key Landhorn via key‘ Num8 ’ Pneumatic horn using the‘ Num9 ’key Required Mods: Simple-IC Universal Passenger

Download Magirus KLF 

Small Silos Pack

Small Silos Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Here is a pack of 2 Grain storage silos where you can store your crops. To be able to unload, the flap must be opened. Grain storage silo of 60000 liters ✔ Price: 5000 $ ✔ Daily maintenance: 10 $ Grain storage silo of 120000 liters ✔ Price: 9000 $ ✔ Daily maintenance: 10 $…

Download Small Silos Pack 

Metaltech IT 47 Custom

Metaltech IT 47 Custom for Farming Simulator 19

A custom-made hook lift auger wagon was constructed using the Metaltech PP20 as a base model. Due To The Upgraded Augers And Hydraulic Pumps, This Bin Is Capable Of Carrying The Following Fill Types On Top Of The Standard Auger Wagon Fill Types: ✔ Total Mixed Ration ✔ Chaff ✔ Wood Chips ✔ Silage ✔…

Download Metaltech IT 47 Custom 

Kleinseelheim 2K21 Map

Kleinseelheim 2K21 Map for Farming Simulator 19

Let’s go to Kleinseelheim, a small place with idyllic courtyards where a lot of work awaits in the single player. But you can also have fun in the MP. The map is not very big but there is a lot to discover. All FS 19 standards are installed (except for the train) In the game…

Download Kleinseelheim 2K21 Map 

Single Player Farm Details

Single Player Farm Details for Farming Simulator 19

With this addon it is now possible to assign a new colour and name to your farm in single-player games. Just as in multiplayer games there are 8 available colours allowing you to find a colour that is suitable for your eyes. Adjustments to farm name and colour can be made via the ‘Game Settings’…

Download Single Player Farm Details 

Build A Subdivision

Build A Subdivision for Farming Simulator 19

BUILD A SUBDIVISION With this mod you build a SUBDIVISION i made this mod for fun please You got to play step by step ONE put 5 Pallets of PvcPipe 80000 TWO put 5 Pallets of ConcretePipe 80000 THREE put 160000 of Concrete FOUR put 10 Pallets of CONCRETE BEAM = 160000 FIVE put 10…

Download Build A Subdivision 

NEW Currencies V1.1

NEW Currencies V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

Mod that adds new currencies, not originally available in the game: (Brazilian Real, Chinese Yuan, Czech Koruna, Hungarian Forint, Japanese Yen, Polish Zloty, South Korean Won, Romanian Leu, Russian Ruble, Turkish Lira, Ukrainian Hryvnia).

Download NEW Currencies V1.1 

John Deere 2730 Plow

John Deere 2730 Plow for Farming Simulator 19

For greater durability and greater penetration into the ground, the 2730 has the largest and heaviest frame in the industry. The overall weight of each model ensures consistent machine performance. In areas with a lot of waste Slack in the structure results in reduced clogging and increased waste flow to maintain productivity and uptime. The…

Download John Deere 2730 Plow