Farming Simulator 19 mods

Rolland RP LCH Trailers

Rolland RP LCH Trailers for Farming Simulator 19

This is a pack of two Rolland RP Series trailers. ✔ Rolland RP9006 LCH (9m bale trailer) ✔ Rolland RP10006 LCH (10m bale trailer) Features: ✔ Body-color configurations ✔ Wheels Configurations ✔ Ladders color configurations ✔ Rim color configurations ✔ The single or double back axle ✔ Design configurations With/without mudguards ✔ Ladders configurations Small,…

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Enisey 850

Enisey 850 for Farming Simulator 19

Tracked Harvester Yenisei 850: ✔ Power: 185 hp; ✔ It is aggregated: ZhKN-7KP, PPK-3, PSP-10, ZhVN-6, Argus 870E; ✔ Hopper capacity: 5000 liters; ✔ Speed: up to 10 km / h ✔ working, up to 22 km / h ✔ transport; ✔ Choice of engine YaMZ-236DK-9, D-442-59I; ✔ Doors tinting; ✔ Selecting a side number;…

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John Deere 1870 AIR HOE Drill

John Deere 1870 AIR HOE Drill for Farming Simulator 19

John Deere 1870 Air Hoe Drill “Refined depth control for uniform emergence” When seeding small grains and oil seeds, consistent seed and fertilizer depth are critical for even emergence. The 1870 Drill Opener provides excellent depth control in paired-row and single-row settings. Hydraulics keep the openers engaged, even in rocky and rolling or uneven field…

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