Sandy Shores (More Populated) Map for GTA5

Sandy Shores (More Populated) for Grand Theft Auto V

Sandy shores (more populated) Is an expansion which makes Sandy Shores area more alive

Corrupt FIB making deals with the Lost MC Biker Gang (no shootouts) locationSandy Shores scrap yard
Sandy Shores Sherrif station, Sandy Shores Medical center & Sandy Shores Fire Deparment Improved added more vehicles and peds with tasks (actions), Each deparment Is ready to go In action (LEO’s are armed, Paramedics go in field and so does the FD)
Added ped fixing a control panel, ped at the airfield gas station smoking a cigarette, White Glendale parked at the airfield gas station, Hot dog stand across the airfield gas station (jesus is working there), beware of dog sign and a dog house in which a cat is sleeping
Added construction site peds, vehicles and gave them each different or/and same tasks to make it more realistic
This is my 3rd Map mod and this one is gonna have more updates in the near future planning stuff on the Gas station area and the 24/7 area.

Install instructions
Extract the file from the .zip archive into your GTA V root folder, load up the map at any time any location with the Map Editor
Enjoy and hf


Author unknown.

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