How to Install American Truck Simulator Mods

How to Install American Truck Simulator Mods

American Truck Simulator is a very immersive game that offers hours of endless entertainment. However, after a certain time, you may feel that the levels are quite repetitive, and don’t offer the same thrill as they did earlier. 

From the vehicles to the routes, everything remains the same after you’ve completed a certain part of the game. If you want to bring back the excitement in your virtual truck driving experience, you can consider installing mods in your game. 

There are several tweaks available to add newer vehicles, advanced maps, and several other features to the game. With that said, let’s take a look at the step-by-step process to install American Truck Simulator mods and make your game more engaging than ever. 

  • First of all, you need to download your desired ATS mods through a credible website site like Modshost, and make sure that the file is either zipped or contains the extension “.scs”. In some cases, the mod file can also be compressed in different formats such as .rar, which may require you to install additional applications like WinRAR to proceed with the installation
  • Once you’ve successfully downloaded the mod, you need to extract it at your preferred location. After extracting your mod file just relocate it to the mods folder of your game, located at the path Documents\American Truck Simulator\Mod
  • After completing the aforementioned steps, you need to launch your game by double-clicking on its shortcut icon and navigate to the settings menu interface to enable the mods feature in your game. Once enabled, all you need to do is relaunch the game and your mods will be successfully installed. 

With the steps given above, you can easily install your desired mods in the iconic title “American Truck Simulator” and enjoy various new tracks, vehicles, and features in your game. If the mod doesn’t work, consider taking a look at whether the mod is compatible with your version of the game or not. 

How to Install ATS Mods in Mac?

In case you’re playing this game on Mac OS, the installation procedure for the mods differs slightly. Instead of extracting the mod file, you need to copy-paste it in the /Library/Application directory directly. 

The Mac version of the game also requires you to enable the mods to feature through the in-game options menu. Moreover, as there are several different versions of the game, make sure your downloaded mod is compatible with the one installed on your Mac OS. 

The Takeaway

While American Truck Simulator is an amazing game with several objectives and achievements, hardcore gamers like you might feel overwhelmed with the repetitive scenes and levels, and that’s when the mods come into action. 

There are several types of mods available for this game that allow you to keep enjoying this game and never get bored of it. On a side note, while you’re downloading a mod from an external website, make sure you verify the credibility of the provider to prevent getting your computer infected with malicious software or viruses. 

Here Are Some Of The Best ATS Mods For You To Check-Out:

American Truck Stop [1.40.X]

American Truck Stop [1.40.X] for American Truck Simulator

Mod, where I have added more trucks in all companies, gas stations and truck stops. Mod developed in its entirety from the beginning. DLC REQUIRED FOR OPERATION: NEW MEXICO, OREGON, WASHINGTON, UTAH, IDAHO, COLORADO MOD REQUIRED: Painted Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat Latest Version (optional) INSTALLATION: C: Users user Documents American Truck Simulator mod TO...

NEW Map Mexico Extremo Including Chihuahua [1.40]

NEW Map Mexico Extremo Including Chihuahua [1.40] for American Truck Simulator

UPDATE! Reform 2.1.1! Chihuahua Beta 5 released. Updated all projects for ATS version 1.40 Which includes general fixes in the project; ✔ Maps updated to version 1.40 of the ATS, with all improvements to that version applied to the map. ✔ NEW FREE ZONES! Extended map, Chihuahua, Camargo, Delicias, Ojinaga, Creel, Basaseachi, Guachochi, Villa Ahumada...

Profile Map Original []

Profile Map Original [] for American Truck Simulator


Skynet’s Reallife V2.0 Reshade Preset [1.40]

Skynet’s Reallife V2.0 Reshade Preset [1.40] for American Truck Simulator

My preset comes in eight versions more or less expensive in terms of GPU load, four based on standard shaders and the others including raytracing. As mentioned, presets using raytracing require RTGI shader which is obviously not included, so you need to Google it and get it via Pascal Gilcher’s Patreon subscription in order to...

Full Save Game | NO DLC | TruckersMP-SP [1.40]

Full Save Game | NO DLC | TruckersMP-SP [1.40] for American Truck Simulator

ATS 1.40 version is the full save game, it is not required to have dlc, it only the vanilla map of the game. – 1.40 Version – Money: $582,008,176,640 – Level 43 King of the Road (200,000 XP) – Max Skills – All Upper Garages Unlocked (15 garages) – All Truck Dealers Unlocked (15 dealers)...

Canadream – V2.9.4 [1.36.X] Map

Canadream – V2.9.4 [1.36.X] Map for American Truck Simulator

Changelog 2.9.4 License plate font fix by Sunrise Also removed two unused environment sounds (ab.ogg and ad.ogg) in preparation for FMOD/1.37 (Strong winds)

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