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If you’re looking for MudRunner mods, you’re in the right place. MudRunner is another fantastic game in Saber Interactive’s simulation series. The game was published by Focus Home Interactive on 31 Oct, 2017. It can be played on PC, PS4, XONE, SWITCH. Drive powerful all-terrain vehicles, each with its own characteristics and attachable equipment. Complete your objectives and deliveries by enduring perilous conditions across wild, untamed landscapes in extreme conditions with dynamic day-night cycles. Explore an immersive sandbox environment, enhanced by improved graphics. Overcome muddy terrain, raging rivers and other obstacles that all realistically react to the weight and movement of your vehicle powered by the game’s advanced physics engine. If you want to keep up with the latest updates, news and best MudRunner mods, you’ll find everything you need here at ModsHost. Next in this simulation series is SnowRunner!
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Best MudRunner Mods

Forest 5 Map

Forest 5 Map for MudRunner

On The Map: ✔ 1 garage (closed); ✔ 1 gas station; ✔ 2 felling sites; ✔ 3 loading points; ✔ 6 sawmills; ✔ 3 cars on the map + 4 starting slots. Map converted from the game Spintires. The size is 1×1 km.

Download Forest 5 Map 

Taezhnik Map

Taezhnik Map for MudRunner

Easy card. You can drive on non-four-wheel drive vehicles (in 1-2 places on the rise, you may need a winch or a tractor). On The Map: ✔ 1 garage (closed); ✔ 1 fuel station; ✔ 1 point for automatic loading of logs; ✔ 1 point for manual loading of logs; ✔ 5 sawmills; ✔ 9…

Download Taezhnik Map 

Forest 4 Map

Forest 4 Map for MudRunner

On The Map: ✔ 1 garage (closed); ✔ 1 gas station; ✔ 2 felling sites; ✔ 4 loading points; ✔ 8 sawmills; ✔ 4 starting cars; ✔ 12 points of intelligence; ✔ Map size: 1×1 km.

Download Forest 4 Map 

Vitebsky Map V1.3

Vitebsky Map V1.3 for MudRunner

Your Grandfather, Now A Cheerful Old Man, Gave You A Whole Company For Your Birthday !!! But There Is A Problem … It Is In The Worst Decline! Your Side Tasks: ✔ Exploration of the entire area; ✔ Opening of all garages; ✔ Delivery of trailers to each upper warehouse. The Main Task: ✔ Delivery…

Download Vitebsky Map V1.3 

Lowland Map V1.2.0

Lowland Map V1.2.0 for MudRunner

You Got An Old Lumber Yard, Unfortunately, Because, Of The Large Debts Of Forestry, You Had To Sell All The Equipment For Transporting Lumber. There Is Nothing Left Except How To Take Everything Into Your Own Hands And Transport The Forest On Your Own In Your Own Car, And Loyal Friends Will Certainly Help You…

Download Lowland Map V1.2.0 

Ural-4320 Truck V09.01.21

Ural-4320 Truck V09.01.21 for MudRunner

Ural-4320 is a dual-purpose off-road truck with a 6 × 6 wheel arrangement manufactured at the Ural Automobile Plant in Miass (Russia). Now there are 2 trucks in the pack, differences in color. Have: ✔ 14 of their own + 7 standard addons; ✔ various animations; ✔ your cargo. Carries 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…

Download Ural-4320 Truck V09.01.21