Berry World Renamer for SIMS4

Berry World Renamer for The Sims 4

This is my first ever mod mod. Not a recolour but changed strings and stuff in the game! It’s very much a first for me and I hope you like it!

This mod specifically changes the strings in the game so that all references to world and districts [within reason] are changed to suit a more Berry aspect. From buy mode objects to the tooltips that go across the screen, it changes them all.

All worlds but Glimmerbrook are changed. All districts in SanMy are the same. Batuu is unchanged. The Forgotten Grotto is also kept as the same name, but everything else is new and berry fun and more immersive to a Berry Sweet gameplay style.

To get the world names to change you need to start a new game or follow THIS TUTORIAL to change them in S4S. But otherwise everything will change as it should to whichever set you pick.

File is completely unmerged so you are able to pick and choose what worlds you want the names changed in.

If you have world name requests, leave a comment and i’ll add it in ASAP!
Please keep in mind that the current names are based off my lore, and may not match everyone else’s or your own. But I am willing to accommodate this fact to make one relevant to your lore!

All current changes within the spoiler tags.

Willow Creek: Wildberry Creek
Foundry Cove:Gillyflower Gully
Courtyard Lane: Harmonium Crescent
Sage Estates: Bluebonnet Hill
Pendula View: Sageford
Crawdad Quarter: Wildberry Walk
Magnolia Blossom Park: Peach Cream Park
Sylvan Glade: Arcadian Gate

Oasis Springs: Sunflare Springs
Bedrock Strait: Saguaro Strait
Parched Prospect: Palmetto Prospect
Skyward Palms: Sweet Pea Palms
Mirage Canyon: Wildflower Canyon
Aquisition Butte: Tumbleweed Butte

Newcrest: Nightbloom
[b]Bridgeview: Daturaview
Llama Lagoon: Moonflower Lagoon
Ridgeline Drive: Jasmine Drive

Magnolia Promenade: Mistletoe Promenade[/header1]

Windenburg: Windflower
Crumbling Isle: Chrysanthemum Isle
Lykke Centre: Lilypad Centre
Olde Platz: Oriole Plaza
Windslar: Wildflower Acres
Von Windenburg: Von Windflower
Von Haunt: Von Windflower
Emily: Endine
Windemere: Winbeutel
Bernard: Beetroot
Mimsy: Mimosa

Forgotten Hollow: Nightshade Hollow
Vladislaus Straud: Verdigris Shroud

San Myshuno: San Marzano

Granite Falls: Firecracker Falls

Selvadorada: Semidolcata
Puerto Llamente Marketplace: Pachamanca Marketplace
Belomesia Jungle: Bauru Jungle
Omiscan: Tacacán

Sixam: Pyxis

Sulani: Saimin
[b]Lani St. Taz: LauLau
Ohan’ali Town: Otai Town
Mua Pel’am: Manapua

Britechester: Briochechester
UBrite: UBrioche
Foxbury: Ficellebury
Gibbs Hill: Grissini Hill
Darby: Dosa
Larry: Lahvosh

Evergreen Harbour: Euphorbia Harbour
Grims Quarry: Gumtree Quarry
Conifer Station: Conifer Station
Port Promise: Port Palmyra

Brindleton Bay: Hollyhock Bay
Sable Square: Sunflower Square
Whiskerman’s Wharf: Wattle Wharf
Cavalier Cove: Calendula Cove
Deadgrass Isle: Dandelion Isle

Del Sol Valley: Las Ablondigas
Mirage Park: Morganite Park
Starlight Boulevard: Sunstone Boulevard
Plumbob Pictures: Berry Boutique Studios

Mt. Komorebi: Mt. Kamameshi
Wakaba: Wagashi
Senbamachi: Satsuma-age
Yukimatsu: Yakiniku
The Croft Icefall: The Chāhan Icefall

Strangerville: Strangetown
Shady Acres: Oddity Acres

Henford-on-Bagley: Hemlock on Bagel
Finchwick: Fennelwick
Old New Henford: Old New Hemlock
Briarwood: Brackenwood
Crumplebottom: Crumpetbottom
Agatha: Arugula
Agnes: Acai
Sophie the Snail: Summer the Snail

Author: Mia200



ModsHost claims no ownership or authorship of this mod - files, images & description. All credit goes to the author of this work.
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