Grannies Cookbook (Updated 02.01.21) for SIMS4

Grannies Cookbook (Updated 02.01.21) for The Sims 4

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What is Grannies cookbook?
Grannies cookbook is a custom food mod that works independently from all other known food mods. It is a book object that can be placed onto your sims lot and you, the player, can interact with the book to bring up a food menu and choose a food or drink for your sims to make.

What’s included?
Grannies Cookbook – Plus All Current Recipes Up To 02.01.21 – Please Make Sure You Delete And Replace The Old Folder When Downloading!
This version is only coded to include the recipes in this download – If downloading recipes from my other pages please also download the newest cookbook from there, not here

Updated to include recipes in bold

Chinese – thank you @mumulinovo
Portuguese – thank you @jovemromeu
French – thank you @maiagamefr
Spanish – thank you @9sims
German – thank you @tiallussims
Italian – thank you Zomboide

✔ Chicken and Dumpling
✔ Meatloaf
✔ Pot Roast
✔ Wonton Soup
✔ Collard Greens and Cornbread
✔ Sushi Platter
✔ Corned Beef Hash (city living required)
✔ Traditional Pie n Mash with Parsley Liquor
✔ Mussels
✔ Chicken Alfredo
✔ Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese
✔ Fettuccine Alfredo
✔ Lasagne Al Pesto
✔ Pears Beans and Bacon (city living required)
✔ Beef Patty
✔ Shrimp and Mackerel Skewers
✔ Beef Patty with Coco Bread
✔ Mac and Cheese Fried Chicken
✔ Oxtail with Rice Peas and Plantain
✔ Chicken Roti
✔ Chicken and Waffles
✔ BBQ Ribs and Beans
✔ Raclette Meat Tasting Platter
✔ Lox Bagel
✔ Breakfast Cereal 1
✔ Buffalo Chicken Pizza
✔ Three Cheese Pizza
✔ Honey & Banana Toast
✔ Crown Roast (vampire friendly)
✔ Sausage Rolls
✔ Bun Bo Hue

✔ Christmas Desserts ✔ mince pies, trifle, yule log
✔ Mud Pie
✔ Angel Strawberry Cake
✔ Winterfest Puddings
✔ Pineapple Upside Down Cake
✔ Key Lime Pie
✔ Chocolate Nests
✔ Mini Egg Cake
✔ Bunny Cake
✔ Lemon Blueberry Cake
✔ Thai Mango Sticky Rice
✔ Star Bread
✔ Espumilla Meringue Cream Pudding
✔ Banana Fritters
✔ Cherry Bakewells
✔ Raspberry Tart
✔ Bakewell Tart
✔ Fondant Fancies
✔ Berry Belgian Waffles
✔ Black Forrest Gateau
✔ Wedding Cake
✔ Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake
✔ Baby Reveal Cake
✔ Birthday Cake
✔ Cheesecake Brownies
✔ Corpse Bride Cake (vampire friendly)
✔ Peach Cobbler

snacks and drinks
✔ Soups 1 ✔ Tomato, Chicken, Carrot and Coriander
✔ Eggnog
✔ Milkshakes ✔ strawberry, banana, chocolate
✔ Bubble Tea ✔ strawberry, chocolate, taro, honeydew, pink grapefruit
✔ Iced Drinks ✔ caramel coffee, chocolate mocha
✔ Smoothies ✔ Avocado Strawberry, Rainbow, Pineapple Coconut
✔ ‘Freakshakes’ ✔ Chocolate Pretzel, Macaroon, Cookie, Gummy Bear
✔ Toddler Foods ✔ Pureed Carrots, Banana Bakes, Strawberry Bites, Apple Strawberry & Banana Puree, Apple & Spinach
✔ Marshmallow Sticks

How to use Grannies Cookbook?
Unzip the file (WinRar) and place into your mods folder.

✔ 12 swatches
✔ live drag-able ✔ and drag-able to inventory
✔ found in small appliances or search ‘LBB’

✔ recipes available in restaurants if you have dine out
✔ can also be gifted to other sims if you have seasons

Place grannies cookbook anywhere on your lot – click to open the pie menu and choose a food to cook – your sim needs a functioning kitchen.

Made with game version


LittleMsSam’s more servings mod

Additional Credits:

Author: Littlbowbub



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