Necromania Reward Trait for SIMS4

Necromania Reward Trait for The Sims 4

Necromania Reward Trait: Necromaniac sims are fascinated by death and gain positive buffs when around it.

This Trait Was Made With Zerbu’s Mod Constructor Program And I Am Eternally Grateful To Them!

Compatibility And Testing:
This trait should be completely functional with only the Base Game installed. That said, I do have all of the expansions and stuff packs in my game, so when I tested this trait it was with all of the packs included. If you run into any problems please let me know, as it is entirely possible that I missed something! This mod was tested and is working with Patch 1.69.

What does it do?
This small reward trait replaces the sad buff generated by deaths with a confident buff. This trait can be purchased from the rewards store for 2000 aspiration points. It does NOT remove the sad buff from mourning at a tombstone, so if you want your sim to feel sad over the death of a loved one they can still do so.

I found it really annoying when my evil murderous sims would become sad after killing another sim in cold blood. This reward trait removes the automatic sad buffs. For anyone who enjoys Zero’s Vampires can Kill Mod, Sacrificial’s Extreme Violence Mod, or andrian_m.l Deadly Spellcasters mod this should allow your sims to kill without that pesky sadness getting in the way.

1. Friend of Death: {0.SimFirstName} is feeling confident after witnessing the end of life. Sims will receive this +2 confident buff whenever a sad buff from an in-game death would normally trigger.

Author: MissBee



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  1. It’s broken ! With the new Paranormal stuff pack, it doesn’t allow you to find the “sacred candles” in the rewards shop, but if I remove the mod everything works fine!

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