Zodiac Signs 2.1 for SIMS4

Zodiac Signs 2.1 for The Sims 4

(More Balanced Emotion Strengths) (New Portuguese Translation!) (Polish Translation Fix!)

If You Are New To This Mod, This Mod Aims To Convert Zodiac Signs From The Sims 2 And Make It As Good As I Can Into The Sims 4 Without It Taking Up Trait Slots, These Zodiac Signs Are In The Rewards Store!
Not One, Not 2 But 4 Compatibility Types!
In Older Versions Of My Mod, I Had Only 2 Compatibility Types, Bad And Good. Not Only I Overhauled The Compatibility Between Zodiac Signs, But You Now Have 4 TYPES Of Compatibility, Amazing, Good, Bad And Terrible!
I have stopped looking atzodiacsigns-horoscope for Compatibility Ideas because I just didn’t like them that much, they were too simplistic, so I looked forward to Sims 2 Compatibility
This is how the Zodiac Signs in the Sims 2 work (And take this as a ‘compatibility list’ of my mod aswell).

I Tried Incorporating This Compatibility System In The Mod As Well As I Could, I Ignored The Yellow Lines Though. So No More One Sided Zodiac Attraction, Now Every Single Zodiac Sign Will Have The Right Amount Of Compatibility Buffs!
I have realised that I haven’t done the whims that well in the last versions, I just put in there what felt right, which is not the way to go, this time, I did match their whims exactly to the personality, In The Sims 2, your zodiac sign corresponds to your personality, so I’ve been heavily inspire.

Now sims with Zodiac Signs should autonomously do stuff corresponding to that Zodiac Sign personality.
So For Example Libras Are Nice In The Sims 2, So Libras In The Sims 4 Would Try To Talk And Do Nice Stuff To Other Sims!
Here’s a more in-depth look at the autonomies, the autonomous interactions are based on the sims 4 traits.

30.05.2021 Sun:
2.1 : People Were Complaining That The Emotion Strengths Were Too Strong, Especially With RoBurky’s Meaningful Stories, So I Changed The Amazing And Terrible Compatibilities From An Emotion Strength Of 8 To 3!

This is all I have to show you guys, I hope you guys like this update, just in-case you don’t, additional old versions are in the ‘files’ tab
Due to a bug in MTS, I can’t add additional pictures, however, when I’ll be able too, I will.

10.06.2021 Thu:
NiSyms Made A New Portuguese Translation! You Will Not Need To Download An Extra File To Have The Translation, As This Portuguese Translation Is Already Incorporated In The Main Mod!

Author: Radiophobe



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