Russian Playground And Tweaks Map for SNOWRUNNER

Russian Playground And Tweaks for SnowRunner

Work with SnowRunner V4.9

Hello, this mod is a set of tweaks for trucks, trailers, cargos, and environment, to make the game more realistic and challenging and a tweak for start a Russian pathway
All tweaks are in separate folders, so you can choose what you want to install or not

WARNING: It works ONLY with manual installation, subscribe just let you know when an update is available

Russian Playground:
Main Mod:
Unlock all Russian vehicles, upgrade, cosmetics
Adjusted frame addons and cranes position
Remove tank and maintainer US add-ons for Russian trucks
Added 400l capacity for kung frame addon
Added new spares wheels for Voron trucks
Added original sideboard frame addon and mini crane for Azov 4220 Antarctic
Added snorkels for Tuz 420 Tatarin
Raised Azov 73210, Voron D53233, Step 310E suspensions
Softer Zikz 5368, Khan Lo4F, Don 71 suspensions
Allow semi-trailer for Zikz 5368 with mini crane
Remove Yar 87 roof rack beacon lights
Change Azov 5319 and 64131 to Heavy classes
Warning: install this tweaks AFTER ‘Trucks Damage Steering Gearboxes and Fuel Tank’ if you use both

Kung Trailer Fuel Capacity:
Added 750l capacity for kung trailer
Warning: could conflict with tasks who asks to bring back a kung trailer if you don’t start a new game (due to the fuel capacity set to 0 on a current game for the kung trailers already spawned on the map)

Trucks Modifications:
Trucks Steering Damage Gearboxes And Fuel Tank:
Adjusted back steer speed, responsiveness
Lowered damage capacity (take a spare wheel)
Reworked the automatic gearboxes
Reworked fuel capacity and fuel consumption

Tires Pressures And Grip For Highway Tires:
Lowered a little bit the tires pressures, and added better grip for highway tires (they remain useless in the mud)

Cranes Strenght:
Increase the strength of the cranes and reduce the weight of big cranes

Winches Lenght:
Increase the length of the winches, +5m

Trailers Modifications:
Military Fuel Trailer:
Big military fuel trailer available on trailers dealers
Capacity 6000l, price 9200

Repair Box For Semi Trailers:
Added 150 repairs capacity for the semi-trailers flatbed and sideboard
Waring: the icon of the number of loads was replaced by the repair capacity, it is just a ‘ui bug’ doesn’t affect the load capacity

Cargos Modifications:
Cargo Weight:
Adjust cargo weight some are lighter, some are heavier

Environment Modifications:
Trees Branches Weaker:
Now you can pass through the tree branches (without doing a backflip)

Vegetation Collisions:
Better collisions with grass, leaves, and twigs

Trucks Soil:
Mud and snow splashes stay longer on vehicles

Exhaust Smoke:
Increase the duration of smoke and fog exhaust

Damaged Engine Effects:
Remove engine sparks effects

Honk Distortion And Dust:
Remove honk distortion and dust effects

Intake Effect:
Remove intake effects

Achievement Effects:
Remove achievement effects

Water splashes are darker and stay longer on vehicles

Increase rainfall speed

Update V1.0.1
Increase strength for all cranes
Adjusted suspensions for Tuz 166, Khan Lo4F, Don 71, Zikz 5368, Voron D53233 Azov 73210
Adjusted mini crane position for Azov 5319, Zikz 5368
Allow semi trailer for Zikz 5368 with mini crane
Water splashes stay longer
Increase steering speed for Azov 4220 Antartic
Improved vegetation collisions
Remove achievements effects
Adjusted scouts gearboxes
Improved water
Added snorkels for Tuz 420 Tatarin
Improved mud splashes on vehicles
Change Azov 5319 and 64131 to Heavy classes



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