Enhanced Ford CLT9000 AWD M181 V1.3.0 for SNOWRUNNER

Enhanced Ford CLT9000 AWD M181 V1.3.0 for SnowRunner

The CLT9000 is one of the easiest trucks to overlook in Snow*Runner. This mod seeks to rectify that by swapping out the old motors for the CAT CT680’s engines, standard all-wheel drive, available locking differentials, and a small increase in fuel capacity. A small roof rack has also been added to get you back when you go a little further than you could before. I have also added a wide variety of off-road tires from some classics like the ANK, Pacific series, CAT745, and Tayga.

I recommend getting an “Off-road Trailers” mod of your choosing to compliment the increased ride height. Stock has been increased a little bit, and lifted a lot.

Once again, big thanks to LoB1325 for the assistance to make this thing work.

Version History:
Jul 21 2020 1.3.0
Further tweaked vehicle weight and c.o.g.
Added new spare tire options (including one with a winch point) for use with add-ons in open frame space
Added WWS 4964 cab guard
Added “Adventurer” to name and changed in game UI text a little

Jul 15 2020 1.0.0
Release version
Fuel tank at 350L
Added roof rack and repositioned snorkels (Need to fix add-on stacking still)
Some add-on errors requiring duplicates in menu (To be fixed)

Jul 14 2020 0.9.1
Revision testing

Jul 13 2020 0.9.0
Personal test version



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