Pacific P12W – Roughneck V1.3A Truck for SNOWRUNNER

Pacific P12W – Roughneck V1.3A for SnowRunner

Version 1.3a:
3 new Allison transmissions (real-world models)
New wheels including 73″ “prime mover” options (note: requires trailers with raised suspensions)
Air filter brush guard attachment
4 suspension options: stock-soft (vanilla), stock-firm, raised-soft, raised-firm

Enabled exhaust shakers (stacks vibrate when the vehicle is running)
“Dual flap cap” exhaust caps now function

Author’s note: IMO, the look of the P12’s default exhaust was rather banal. With no muzzle option, it lacked the extreme look of a true off-road vehicle which, after being inspired by real-world photos, was the original intent of this mod; it has since evolved into a total overhaul of the P12.

Background: Very few North American vehicles thrive in Russia’s harsh terrain and, as consequence, fixes the player along a specific gameplay path. This is counter to the real-world versatility of the P12W Roughneck which has been adopted for a number of specialized roles throughout its storied career.

Mission: This mod strives to overhaul the Pacific P12W to mirror the real-world capabilities of the platform. This mod has not been designed to make the P12W overpowered / game-breaking however if purchased early enough, a fully upgraded P12 will outperform nearly every other platform due to its combination of power and versatility.

Method: The P12W Has Undergone The Following Changes / Additions:
Mass reduced from 27,000 kg to 21,000 kg (real-world)
3 Detroit Diesel engines options
3 Allison transmissions choices
Wider stance to increase stability (from 0 to 0.08)
3 new suspensions: stock-soft (vanilla); stock-firm; raised-soft; raised-firm
Default suspension lowered from 2, 1 (front, rear) to 1.5, 0.5
Added option for raised suspension (2, 1.5)
Default tire size increased to 63″
Support for 71″ tires (requires raised suspension)
Added 73″ “prime mover” wheel options (strongly recommend raised trailers)
Spare tire attachment now has 200 repair points
Spare tire forces tradeoff with mini-crane for balance reasons
Mini-crane support
Note: not compatible with high/low saddles
Flatbed and side bed support
Note: fuel tank and “big crane” attachments have been eliminated for balance reasons

3 different styles of exhausts (stock, dual, single–see images)
4 different styles of air intakes/snorkels
3 additional bumpers
New “modular” cabin protector (compatible with a spare tire)
A choice between fender/mudflaps
Air conditioner option
Airfilter brush guard attachment

Sound (engine):
Stock sounds replaced with P16

The vehicle is unlocked at level 1 (same for visuals/addons/attachments)

To reflect the additional capabilities, the vehicle price has been increased to ~$215k (full loaded will cost north of $300k).

Installation: Click to subscribe. This will not replace the original Pacific P12W; look for a separate “Pacific P12W Roughneck” listing under the off-road section of the US truck store.

Disclaimers & Limitations:
Many files were touched in the process of creating this mod, not all bugs may have been caught during testing
This mod was intended for installation via subscribing; if you are installing manually and have other manually installed mods, conflicts will most likely occur; I cannot help troubleshoot.
I have not tested this in MP; my assumption is it will not work unless all parties have the mod installed and/or have updated the vehicle within the initial.pak file
Mudflaps are glitched and will not match the color of the vehicle (nothing to do with this mod)
Semitrailers (especially low-saddle) will struggle with the 71″ tire option
A potential solution is to download Emil’s offroad trailers

Author: AnythingINC



ModsHost claims no ownership or authorship of this mod - files, images & description. All credit goes to the author of this work.
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