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World of Tanks is free-to-play online multiplayer tank battles simulator made on the basis of the famous wars and the modern war vehicles. You might also like snowrunner mods.
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Girls UND Panzer (Panzer Skin) []

Girls UND Panzer (Panzer Skin) [] for World of Tanks

Tanks from the anime Girls und Panzer. Were pulled from the original mod. I ARE NOT THE ORIGINAL DEVELOPER. There are also decals to preserve authenticity (you don’t want to see German Blankenkreuz on top of the maus and at the same time the emblem of the schwarzwald school?) Installation Move folders from archive to res_mods / game version

Download Girls UND Panzer (Panzer Skin) [] 

Digital – Camo []

Digital – Camo [] for World of Tanks

Digital Camo for American Russian British French Germany Italy Japan vehicles. This mod will modify an existing camouflage, only three for each nation. One for summer, one for winter and one for desert. Installation The Pack Contains Seven Different Wotmod File: digital_camo_american.wotmod digital_camo_british.wotmod digital_camo_french.wotmod digital_camo_german.wotmod digital_camo_italy.wotmod digital_camo_japan.wotmod digital_camo_russian.wotmod To install just unpack and copy the wotmod files in World_of_Tanks mods folder. World_of_Tanksmods(current version of game) If you want only the british digital camo , you copy only “digital_camo_british.wotmod” Be Aware That This Mod Will Modify An Existing Camouflage !

Download Digital – Camo [] 

Rebirth Tactical Map Builder – Make Your OWN Maps []

Rebirth Tactical Map Builder – Make Your OWN Maps [] for World of Tanks

Build Tactical Maps to View in Battle or outside of battle Great for Clan Wars,Rank Battles , Skirmish or even Random battles This mod has all the Maps, with Coordinates & Grid. Also it comes with 60 Different Tactical Icons In a Folder,This is simple tool to use. Just Pick which map you want to Build ,Right click map ,Open with “Photoshop” or “” .or any other Photo SoftWare ,Than click “Paste” or “layer”tab,than click “Paste From” Pick the Folder Named “Icons”. Than all you do pick your icon you want then place it on the minimap at the location you want. After you place all the icons you want on…

Download Rebirth Tactical Map Builder – Make Your OWN Maps [] 

Minimap Spam Protector []

Minimap Spam Protector [] for World of Tanks

This mod allows you to control how many times a player can ping on the minimap before the pings will be ignored from your client. You can also control if a ping sound is played. All options are fully customizable in a settings dialog. You can reach it by pressing the MODSLISTAPI ICON at the right bottom in the hangar. (see screenshot) Language-Files are available for Russian, English, German and Polish. If anyone can help to translate it to another game language feel free to send it to me. Language-Files are located at: modsconfigsCHAMPiMinimapSpamProtectori18n Installation: Unzip The Downloaded Zip-archive In Your Game Folder!

Download Minimap Spam Protector [] 

Tactical Battle Minimaps []

Tactical Battle Minimaps [] for World of Tanks

Some Of The Top WOT Clans DONT Want You To See Or Have This. Most Good Players Use The Minimap As A Major Tool In Battle. So I Took From These Web Sites “Maps Tactics” & “Guru Maps” And Other Discrete Web Sites. They Show Some Of The Best Place To Set Up In Arty & Td. I Mark The Spots On The Minimap Where Arty & Td Is Most Likely To Set Up. It Shows The Best Strategic Place For Arty & Td To Set Up, This Mod Will Show In Battle, So You Don’t Have To Try To Remember Where To Go. You Can Use This For “Counter Battery”…

Download Tactical Battle Minimaps [] 

Rebirth 2.0 []

Rebirth 2.0 [] for World of Tanks

focus on customizing your experience to your preference It will help produce your best results on the battle field. REBIRTH Functions Battle Armor Thickness Indicator 1 Teams HP Green Pen 2 Tank Hp Yellow Might Pen 3 WN8 Mark Red No Pen 4 Tank Distance 5 Target Base Reload Time 6 Aim Count 11 Alt ScoreBoards 1 Tank Battles 5 Alt HP OTM 2 Win % Name 3 Tank Nation Flag 4 Hull Armor Draw Direction Arrow Must turn on XMQP Main Xvm Web Tanks Top Speed Minimap Hp circle Damage Log Kill Cross Informer Arty Minimap Sights Rating Colors Change Colors in REBIRTH Border Color Tank Outline Can Change 28…

Download Rebirth 2.0 [] 

[Anime-Style Mod Collection] – Steel Maiden Edition []

[Anime-Style Mod Collection] – Steel Maiden Edition [] for World of Tanks

After a long time playing the game, one day, you may suddenly feel that its charming elements like music, visual, … seem not attractive anymore. So why not refreshing it for more zeal every time you dash into battles? First introduced since update 8.10, when the Japanese tanks made their first appearance in the game, Anime-Style Mod Collection (ASMC) has been through a long journey. Changing your login screens, crew, voice, … and even the music into that of anime-related, we hope that our mod will not only satisfy anime lovers but also veterans that loves a change of wind to once again returning to the game with new enthusiasm. FEATURES…

Download [Anime-Style Mod Collection] – Steel Maiden Edition [] 

Awesome Epic Guys Crew Voice []

Awesome Epic Guys Crew Voice [] for World of Tanks

I am KISkormany16__HUN and I have created a voice mod for the crew, it replaces the normal crew voices from the game to voice lines from Awesome Epic Guys. !!!This does not contain any voice lines from the Team Clash event, none of their commander’s voice lines were used when creating!!! The mod was created by the approval of the Awesome Epic Guys. !Please Read The Readme File Before Installation! If you enjoyed, please consider supporting me, thanks 🙂 Installation: Method 1: Copy the res and resmods folder to the WoT main directory, by using WINRAR to extract it, the matter is that you have to paste the audioww folder…

Download Awesome Epic Guys Crew Voice []