OBJ 907 “Graphite” Remodel [] for WOT

OBJ 907 “Graphite” Remodel [] for World of Tanks

OBJ 907 “Graphite” Remodel []

Didnt Get In A Spot To Get The 3D Style? NO PROBLEM!
With This Mod Not Only You Get The 3D Style As Default, But Also You Get To Customize It!!!
Replaces the vanilla Obj. 907 model into the “Graphite” 3D Style
Because of this you can now Customize it! (Since the Style is quite empty.. has no camo or paint.)

Known Bugs:
Paint does NOT work on the remodel. but everything else does (Yet some 2D styles’s paint DOES work with this. not sure why.)


Place file in mods>Game Version ( for example) > here

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