Realistic Graphics Mod V5.0 for ATS

Realistic Graphics Mod V5.0 for American Truck Simulator

Brand new 70 kinds of high quality realistic sky textures
Brand new high quality realistic light flares
Brand new high quality realistic road textures
Enhanced in-game graphics (Colors, shadows, brightness etc.)
Realistic light reflection effects
Realistic foggy/rainy weather conditions
Realistic particle effects (Water splash and smoke)
Realistic raindrop effects (inside of trucks)
Support for map mods (Map Mods Support add-on required)
To disable bloom effect, use the No-Bloom add-on.(available at
For high quality skybox textures, set “Texture quality: High” in the graphic settings.
“Color Correction” option in the graphic settings must be activated when using this mod.
If you encounter black sky issue, download the Black Sky Fix Add-on from

Update 5.0 Released. Changelog:
Redesigned light flares.
Improved light ranges.
Improved in-game graphics.
Added more foggy weather and increased fog intensity.
Permanently fixed the gray/matte chrome issue.
Added better water & dirt particles
Fixed the red sky issue occurs at night.
Removed rain/thunder sounds (ATS’s own sounds are better now)
Added high quality road textures



Frkn64 Modding

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