Freightliner F114Sd Garbage Truck for FS2019

Freightliner F114Sd Garbage Truck for Farming Simulator 2019

Someone wanted a garbage truck mod. I had time to kill. Therefore, I present to you, a garbage truck for farming simulator 19. This truck uses the WMF Freightliner chassis and cab. I added all the Waste Management branding, and dot numbers, etc. I tried to make this truck look as close to the real trucks as possible. Use it for roleplay, use it to pick up consoles, use it as a battering ram. Do whatever you want with it. This should not be in farming simulator to begin with, but whatever, here it is

Farming Simulator 19 Freightliner Garbage Truck Mod


Woodmeadow Farms, Richwoodrocket

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